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Good to know: Learn more about your Croozer bike trailer! You will find a new topic every week.

Good to know - Interesting features about your bike trailer

Hitch arm on the left side

The hitch arm of your Croozer is mounted on the left side of your bike trailer (in travelling direction). The hitch on your bike is also supposed to be installed on the left side. The stroller wheel needs to be removed when riding with the trailer. You can store it in the little bag of the trailer’s storage compartment.


Spring is here 🌷🌼🌺 Time for a Croozer spring-cleaning!
✅ Use a mild soap solution and a soft brush to clean the textile body.
✅ Remove spots of rost with the help of metal polish and a brush, if applicable.
✅ Let your Croozer dry completely (approx. 1 day).
✅ Apply a polishing wax to keep the metal parts in good condition.
✅ Enjoy a great start into spring!

📸: felix_fiek

Rain protection

⛈️🌪️ Regardless of the weather conditions – with your Croozer, you can always enjoy being outdoors 🌈🌨️ In order to be prepared for even the craziest weather, we recommend you the Croozer Rain Cover ☔ It protects the passenger compartment from getting wet. The Rain Cover is available as an accessory for all Croozer Kid and Kid Plus models. Please consider the differences for the respective model years. If you love cycling through every puddle on the street, additional mud flaps for the mudguard of the rear wheel of your bicycle can be very helpful. They are available at your local bike shop. No matter how crazy the weather might be: Have a fantastic & safe trip 🚲💚

📸: @annagloeckchen

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If you want to find out in which year your Croozer has been built, our Croozer model guide will be helpful to you! You will also find out which Baby Seat and which Seat Supporter are compatible with your model.

Find many, many answers to your questions - in our FAQ!

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Good to know - Archive

First trip with the trailer

You’re up for your very first Croozer tour? 🤩 Read through our tipps to make sure it will be successful!
✅ Mount the Croozer to your bicycle as described in the manual. Make sure that the hitch is mounted at the left side oft he rear wheel.
✅ Take a little test ride before entering the road traffic with your bike and the trailer. For example on a quiet road or on an empty parking space. You can use a full backpack or a pack of potting soil as a dummy 😉
✅ After a few curves and brakes, you will quickly get the feeling for riding your bike with the trailer!
We wish you a lot of fun & great adventures 🚲👶💙

📸: @pepagallegovano

Baby pilot in the Croozer

Many of you are very surprised the first time they hear that the tiniest babies can already be carried in the Croozer 👶🍼 A little baby in the bike trailer – are there any rules or suggestions I need to follow? 🤔 We recommend following the same guidelines as you would for car seats. If your child is ready to start riding in an infant car seat, then it’s no problem to begin using the Croozer Baby Seat. Please install the Baby Seat properly and always buckle your child up safely. Please don’t ride too fast in the beginning and include regular stops to make sure that your baby feels comfortable. Following these rules, your baby will quickly be one of the more expierenced Croozer passengers and you will enjoy travelling together to the fullest!

Replacing the fabric body

If your Croozer is a part of your family for already a long time, it might need a new dress 😉 You can have the fabric body of your bike trailer replaced. You can get the new body from a local Croozer dealer. He is able to order the respective spare part. We recommend having it done by your Croozer dealer to make sure that all parts will be found at the right place in the end 🙂 Find your local Croozer dealer here!

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