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Croozer Fahrradanhänger mit Croozer AirPad Federung

Bicycle Trailers with AirPad® Suspension: What Advantages Do They Offer?

Anyone who follows the news about our bicycle trailers will have repeatedly come upon information about Croozer AirPad® Suspension, which automatically adjusts to the weight of the bicycle trailer. When is this suspension system useful? What advantages does it offer? And above all: Is a suspension system that adjusts automatically better than one that has to be adjusted manually? These are only a few of the many suspension-related questions that we receive on a regular basis. You can find the answers in our blog post!

What can Croozer AirPad® Suspension do and how does it work?

The Croozer AirPad® Suspension system with Sylomer® adjusts automatically to the road conditions and weight of the bicycle trailer – regardless of whether your cargo trailer is loaded with a bag of groceries or a crate of bottled water and regardless of how many children and how much cargo you are carrying in your child trailer. This means that, unlike suspension systems that require manual adjustment, the AirPad® system is never too stiff or too soft. And bumpy road surfaces are effectively ironed out. In addition, the suspension boasts an integrated damping system, which prevents the trailer from bouncing around – and this system works just as effectively in both cold and hot weather. Super practical: The Croozer AirPad® Suspension system requires neither adjustment nor maintenance!

You can learn more interesting facts in our video. If you would like to know more about the technical details, feel free to visit our landing page about suspension!

What are the advantages of a suspension system that adjusts automatically?

A suspension system has an effect on the following two aspects of trailer use:

  • Riding comfort: With the combined suspension and shock absorption (damping) system, your bicycle trailer will always glide smoothly and dependably behind your bicycle with exceptional road-holding, regardless of how bumpy the road is. You, as the rider of the towing bicycle, will appreciate this comfort as much as the children in the trailer, who will feel like they are floating on a cloud and can therefore enjoy a relaxing ride.
  • Safety: The suspension system with integrated shock absorption prevents the bicycle trailer from bouncing around during the ride and ensures excellent stability and road-holding – even at higher speeds. You can learn more about this by visiting our landing page “Safety in the Bicycle Trailer”!

What’s the difference between automatically adjusting suspension systems and those that require manual adjustment?

Our AirPad® Suspension system not only adjusts itself automatically: It also boasts integrated shock absorption – which sets it apart from a simple leaf spring. This is why trailers with leaf springs tend to bounce around more.

A suspension system that adjusts itself is also a lot more practical for you: From our decades of experience, we know that many users adjust their manual suspension system only once, right after they set up their bicycle trailer, and then usually forget about adjusting it later when riding under different conditions. For example, children are always growing – sometimes faster, sometimes slower – but with manual suspension, you would need to adjust the system regularly to ensure an optimal riding experience; this applies even more so to cargo trailers, which will most likely be carrying different loads every time they are used. Without the proper adjustment, the suspension system cannot be used to its full potential and, in the worst case, could even make it less safe to use the trailer.

We strive to offer you and your young passengers the highest level of comfort and safety – which is why we have decided to equip our bicycle trailers with a suspension system that comes with integrated shock absorption and adjusts itself automatically. This means that you can simply hitch up your trailer and hit the road, without having to worry about regularly adjusting the suspension!

Fahrradanhänger mit AirPad® Federung

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