Whatever your heart desires: Accessories for your bike trailer

Make your life happier and easier: with accessories for your Croozer.

We, at Croozer, want you to be happy in every way. If you’re looking for practical, functional and attractive accessories for your bicycle trailer, then you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down to learn more about our wide range of accessories.

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As individual as you are.

Choose from a variety of designs form Kraams, our designer collection of accessories, to put together your unique Croozer “look”. The Baby Seat is suitable for infants aged 0 to 10 months. Learn more in the baby-transport section of our website. The Winter Kit will keep your baby warm and cosy, even in cold temperatures! The Seat Support can help keep young children (approx. 10-20 months) in a healthy sitting position. The Sun Cover not only protects your passengers from the harmful rays of the sun, but can also serve as a screen, preventing excessive visual stimulation in the first months of life.

The Kraams Collection – a small selection

Croozer Kid Vaaya Lifestyle 12

More practical accessories for your Croozer Kid.

The climatex® Baby Seat keeps infants cool in the summer and warm in the winter! Moisture is immediately wicked away – ensuring a comfortably dry seat for your baby, even on hot summer days. For more information on the high-tech material climatex®, click here. Are you out and about in all types of weather? Then the Rain Cover in the colour Lightning yellow is the perfect companion! The Floor Protection Tray makes it easy to keep the passenger compartment clean, even when your kids have muddy shoes. Just take it out, shake it off and put it back in again! That’s it!

If you want to protect your parked Croozer from moisture, dust and dirt, then the Storage Cover is a good choice. Are you an avid hiker or runner? The Jogger Kit makes it easy to take your Croozer Kid on the trails with you!

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Accessories for any situation


For happy canines.

Dogs also appreciate comfort! The Croozer Dog Bed makes it easy for your four-legged friend to fall in love with the Croozer. It can also double as a comfy place for your dog to rest, be it at home or on the road!

As a dog person, you most likely spend a lot of time outdoors in all types of weather. The Rain Cover will keep the bicycle trailer dry, even in a downpour. The bright colour also provides excellent visibility in road traffic. Do you want to protect your Croozer from moisture, dust or dirt when parked outdoors or in the shed? The Storage Cover was designed for this very purpose.

On certain days, it may be better to offer your dog a ride to the dog park, e.g. to protect her sensitive paws from hot asphalt in the summer or from road salt in the winter. With the Stroller Kit, a few easy steps are all it takes to transform your Croozer Dog into a practical and easy-to-manoeuvre dog stroller!

You can find our entire assortment of Dog accessories here.

Accessories for the Croozer Dog (Selection)

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Take it up a notch: with accessories for your Croozer Cargo bicycle trailer

For a relaxing trip to the market or a fun family picnic at the park, we recommend the practical Handcart Kit. The handle length is adjustable, and the 360-degree swivel wheel (6”) comes with a storage pouch so that you can stow it within easy reach when not in use.

Are you the proud owner of a folding or compact bike? With the special Cargo Hitch Arm for 16-20” bicycles, you can use it for towing your Croozer Cargo!

The bright Lightning-yellow Rain Cover is an important accessory for all-weather cyclists. Waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 5,000 mm, it protects your cargo from the heaviest rain. Would you like to protect your Croozer Cargo from moisture, dirt and dust when parked outside or in your cellar or shed? The Storage Cover makes it possible!

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Accessories for the Croozer Cargo

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Hitched in a flash: Croozer hitches for your bike.

The Universal Hitch that comes with your Croozer trailer can be used with roughly 85% of all bicycles. However, depending on your rear-wheel axle, you may need a different solution for making your bike Croozer compatible. With our more than 30 varieties of hitches, we are sure to have exactly what you need! Take advantage of our helpful Hitch Finder.

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