A reliable packhorse: Croozer Cargo

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A job for the Cargo

Cargo trailers, like our Croozer Cargo, are the perfect companion for a car-free daily routine! Most people probably associate cargo trailers with shopping – but there are so many other things you can do with them! We’ve put together a short list of ideas for keeping your Cargo on the move.

Where the Cargo shines:

On shopping trips

The Cargo is the perfect companion for your shopping errands – be it farm shop, supermarket or DIY store. And that’s not all: With the Handcart Kit (available as accessory), you can easily convert the trailer to a personal shopping cart and pull it right into the market with you. This means no more unloading and reloading!

Safe transport for your instrument

Are you a musician who makes regular trips to performances or music school? Some instruments can be difficult to transport. The Cargo offers a perfect solution, keeping your clarinet or violin safe!

Picnic to go

In the summer, there’s nothing nicer than a laid-back picnic in the park or a relaxing day at the lake. With a cargo trailer, you can load up everything you need and tow it behind your bike instead of lugging a heavy rucksack.

Bottle transport

We all know the situation: Your hallway is full of empty bottles that have to go back to the shop or be taken to the bottle bank. Walking them there is no fun at all, but does it really make sense to take the car for such a short distance? With the Cargo you can easily take care of your bottle errands without producing more greenhouse gases.

Rolling to the garden party

Warm summer nights are perfect for a garden party. Have you been invited and now need to find a way to get there with a big bowl of salad or a sheet of brownies? With the Cargo you can easily ferry your buffet items to the location!

Off to training

Sports are good for your mind and body! Depending on the kind of sports you do, you usually have to take along a bag full of clothes and supplies. With the Cargo, you can easily transport everything behind your bike – and your ride to the gym or field can even help you start warming up.

On tour

The Cargo is not only useful for daily errands, but can also make your life easier when you’re on holiday – be it a classic bike tour or a camping trip. With Kalle, Pakko or Tuure you can zip through the campsite or make a quick trip to the shop for your dinner ingredients.

Party on wheels

It’s time to celebrate, and you and your friends need a way to take the party with you. With the Cargo, you can easily transport your drinks and snacks to the meeting place by bike and then add the front wheel and handle to continue on foot.

How do you use your Cargo?

Do you have more ideas for integrating the Kalle, Pakko or Tuure into your everyday life in a sensible and practical manner? Then write us on Instagram or Facebook. We’re already looking forward to hearing your great ideas and would be delighted to add them to our list!

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