Good to know: everything you need to know about your bike trailer

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Check-Up for a long life

Your bicycle trailer, similar to a bicycle, also requires a bit of care and attention now and then to ensure that you, like the many other happy Croozer owners, will be able to enjoy it for countless years. This is easy to accomplish by following the tips outlined below!

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Our bicycle trailers have been designed, developed and built to last – not only for the satisfaction of our customers , but also in the spirit of sustainability. However, part of the responsibility for ensuring that your Croozer will have a long service life rests on your shoulders: We recommend taking the time on a regular basis to check and maintain all parts that are subject to wear. For example, it’s important to check the wheels now and then – which you can easily do at home with the help of our checklist:

  • Is there enough air in the tyres? The minimum/maximum air pressure is shown on the tyre itself.
  • Do the tyres show any signs of damage? Worn-out or damaged tyres can affect the handling.
  • Are the side-wheel axles intact? They should be cleaned and treated with bicycle-chain lubricant (available at bike shops) to ensure that the wheels can be quickly and easily attached and removed.

In the manual that came with your bicycle trailer, you will find a section called “Croozer Inspections and Maintenance” with a lot more helpful and important information on what types of checks and maintenance work should be done at what intervals – from the hitch arm to the parking brake and lighting system. Be sure to perform all required maintenance work at the recommended intervals to ensure that your Croozer will have a long service life.

Are you having trouble finding your user manual?

You can download all user manuals here!

Time for annual inspection

In addition to routine checks that you can carry out yourself, we recommend having your Croozer serviced regularly – at least once a year – by a professional bicycle mechanic. However, if you are using the trailer more frequently, transporting heavier loads, riding in poor weather and road conditions etc., it is a good idea to take the bicycle trailer to the shop several times a year for inspection. And if your towing bicycle is a pedelec (i.e. with electric assist), some Croozer parts may wear somewhat more quickly. In this case, it’s better to have inspection and maintenance work performed several times a year.

Our Croozer partners can check that everything is functioning properly and, if necessary, readjust the brakes, lubricate the wheel axles etc. Use our retailer search to find a dealer in your area who can inspect your Croozer and keep it in tip-top shape!

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