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Planting trees together

The health of our green planet is one of our top priorities. This is why we are extremely concerned that it is in danger. At Croozer, we help protect the climate in many different ways – e.g. by making products for sustainable mobility, using Cradle-to-Cradle certified materials, offering company bicycles for our employees, printing our catalogues on recycled paper … and planting trees!

clickatree reforestation in Ghana

When clickatree asked whether we would like to cooperate with them, our first thought was: “Anyone can plant trees.” Of course, we were also delighted that we had already earned a reputation as a green company, because we really do a lot for the environment! However, we didn’t want to just plant trees in private and then talk about it later: We wanted to turn it into something special.

You may be wondering who or what clickatree is: clickatree supports sustainably managed reforestation projects, primarily in Ghana, in order to actively combat climate change and offer a natural habitat to endangered animals. We were particularly impressed with the fact that the trees are planted in cooperation with local communities in order to create secure and fairly paid jobs and encourage residents to become active themselves.

Working towards a sustainable future together.

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Croozer planting trees in Ghana

So we knew we wanted the tree-planting campaign to be a special experience. At around the same time, we had been noticing very strong and positive responses to our Instagram stories about our office tree – which was still nameless at the time … poor thing! It didn’t take long for us to connect the dots: Planting trees … our own office tree. And hey presto, the idea was born: Why don’t we simply get our amazing community involved and ask them for name suggestions for our beloved tree? For each name suggestion, a tree would be planted! And as an added incentive for participation, we decided to award a Cargo trailer for the winning suggestion.

A great idea like this one needs a lot of attention – which is why we told our design agency about the plan and asked them to create a short video for us. They were immediately enthusiastic and got right to work! You can find the resulting video on our Instagram profile.

Croozer reforestation project with clickatree

163 trees for more climate protection

We are still overwhelmed by how many of you participated actively in this campaign: A total of 163 creative name suggestions were submitted. You gave it so much thought and even included explanations in your suggestions – thank you so much! After what turned out to be a very close competition, our office tree was given a wonderful name: Tom Crooz. And in Ghana 163 trees were planted.

We are very proud of our active, creative and environmentally conscious community: Together with you, we can accomplish so much more than we can alone. After this successful premier, we will soon start thinking about the next campaign.

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