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25 years: Croozer bike trailers from Germany

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It all began with an idea.

In March 1993 Andreas Gehlen’s vision began to take shape: he saw a future of sustainable mobility in which bicycle trailers could play an important role as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars. Today, the Croozer is one of the leading brands for child, pet and cargo trailers. Everything we do revolves around making it easier for families to spend time together and ensuring the well-being of your precious passengers. All of our child trailers are made exclusively from top-quality materials that are regularly tested for harmful substances. Safety is our highest priority, regardless of who or what is along for the ride: your kids, your four-legged friend or your touring supplies. We bring people together and give cyclists around the world the versatility they need to easily – and safely – reach their destinations. We make this happen with our 25 years of experience in the development of bicycle trailers.

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