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Out of Hibernation: Get Your Bicycle Trailer Ready for Spring

It may still feel chilly outside, but springtime is right around the corner! This means that we’ll soon be seeing more and more bicycle trailers back on the road. But is there anything you need to keep in mind before you start using your Croozer again after a long break? In this article, we’ll be giving you a few tips for making sure your trailer is ready for the next ride or tour.

Croozer Bike Trailers Check Up Spring

Regardless of whether you use your Croozer bicycle trailer throughout the wet and cold months of autumn and winter, or let it hibernate in the garage, we always recommend performing a routine inspection shortly before the arrival of spring. With our checklist you can take care of your Croozer’s maintenance work yourself and make sure it’s ready for your next trips.

Checklist for your Croozer


  • Clean off any dirt
  • Clean the axles, and oil the retaining balls
  • Check the functionality of all locking mechanisms
  • Check the tyre pressure and treads


  • Check the brake function on both sides

Hitch arm

  • Check the head and safety strap for damage
  • If the lock cylinder on the hitch connector seems stiff, use a little penetrating oil or a spray for cleaning and lubricating locks

Magnetic pin

  • Clean off any dirt
  • Clean and oil the retaining balls


  • Check for proper function
  • If necessary, charge or replace the battery


  • Check flag for completeness
  • Check if reflectors are intact


  • Check for damage, such as tears or holes


  • Check the brakes
  • Check the lights
  • Check the tyre pressure
  • Oil the chain
Body replacement Croozer Cargo bike trailer

How to maintain the fabric body

Is your Croozer looking a bit dusty or dirty after its long hibernation? To prevent this from happening, we recommend our Storage Cover – it protects your trailer from moisture, dust and dirt, ensuring that it will look fresh and new after a long period of storage.

If you would like to clean the fabric body, be sure to observe the following tips:

  • Clean the fabric with water, a soap solution or a mild household detergent, ideally one that is biodegradable
  • A soft brush can be used for cleaning areas of heavy soiling
  • Never use thinners, solvents, mineral spirits or other aggressive chemicals
  • Never use pressure washers
  • After cleaning, be sure to let it dry completely
  • Washing textile accessories: hand wash only, using a mild soap solution

Does the fabric body of your bicycle trailer have a tear or small hole? If you feel comfortable, you can easily take care of it yourself: Simply order a repair pad in the colour of your trailer from your local Croozer dealer. The pad should ideally be attached using a permanently elastic adhesive (e.g. from the company Pattex). If you feel uneasy with that or the tear is large or near a seam, then we recommend contacting a Croozer dealer for advice – just to be on the safe side! You can find more information about “caring for the fabric body” in the corresponding blog post.

Contact your local Croozer expert!

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Replacement parts for Croozer bicycle trailers

Leave it to the professionals: Regular maintenance

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to inspect and maintain your bicycle trailer by yourself. Nevertheless, we recommend having a professional look it over and perform a full maintenance check at regular intervals – this is how you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy your Croozer for many years to come! You can learn more about “annual check-ups” in this blog post. Using our Retailer Search you can find a Croozer partner in your area and make an appointment.

Accessories for Spring

Rain Cover

Not only keeps your bicycle trailer dry, but also makes it highly visible, thanks to the eye-catching colour! Order it here for Croozer Kid, Dog and Cargo models.

Sensor activated light

With a white light in front and a red light in back – it will make your Croozer Kid clearly visible to other road users at all times. The sensor light is available as an accessory for retrofitting to Croozer Kid 2018-2019 model. A replacement handlebar with integrated light is available for older models or the current Kid Keeke.

Battery-powered light

For all Croozer models, there is a battery-powered light for when the bicycle trailer blocks your bike’s tail light or if you simply want extra safety. You can order the Croozer battery-powered light here in the online shop.

Storage Cover

We recommend the Storage Cover for when your Croozer is parked outside or put away in storage. It is also useful in the summer, e.g. for keeping your trailer’s colours looking bright and new! Order it here for Croozer Kid, Dog and Cargo models.

Safety Flag

The Croozer comes with a safety flag for increased visibility. Replacement safety flags can be purchased through an authorised dealer or from our online shop.

Sun Cover

In springtime, the sun can show itself more often again. With our sun cover, the little ones are well protected and can still enjoy the view! You can order it from our online shop.

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