We are often asked whether babies can also travel in the Croozer. Of course they can!

Baby transport with the Croozer: safe and comfortable

The Croozer’s construction, consisting of a stable frame system and high-quality textile body, resembles a protective cocoon. In addition, the closed safety passenger compartment offers plenty of space for your child on all sides, providing unbeatable all-round protection. As safety is the be-all and end-all for us, numerous other safety features are built into the Croozer. Our patented AirPad®suspension, a low centre of gravity and a wide wheelbase ensure high tipping stability and a smooth ride.

The specially developed baby seat also adds the following safety features:

  • The ergonomic reclining position is ideal even for the sensitive spine of the smallest children.
  • The baby seat is braced at eight points on the frame of the passenger compartment - this not only ensures high stability, but also absorbs shocks! This means that your baby practically floats freely in the child trailer, like in a stable baby hammock.
  • The high side walls provide additional stability.
  • The padded 5-point harness system ensures that your baby stays safely in the ‘saddle’. Thanks to the easy-pull system, you can tighten the harness quickly and easily.

Incidentally, in addition to the many safety features, many parents are also pleased that babies can relax very well in the “hammock” and consequently fall asleep.

When can I start taking my baby with me in the Croozer?

The following always applies: There is no generally binding rule as to how old your child should be. You know your baby best, so listen to your gut feeling here: If your baby prefers to be carried on your body and/or it feels better for you to carry your baby, then it’s just the right thing.

Here is our recommendation: Thanks to the baby seat, the Croozer can be used as a buggy from the 1st month of life without any concerns. From the time when the baby can lift and hold its head independently (from around 3 - 6 months), the Croozer can also be used as a bicycle trailer. We recommend that you do not cycle too fast - it is better to start with short, leisurely tours on flat paths. Plan a short break here and there - just as with car journeys in baby car seats, the same applies to the Croozer as a buggy or bike trailer with baby seat: don’t ride for too long at a time. The baby’s back and stomach muscles are not yet strong enough and need to be relieved from time to time.

The baby seat is usually suitable for small passengers up to the age of 10 months. After that, they can continue travelling in the child seat with our seat support.

Put to the test - for the safety of the tiniest tots.

Safety in the bicycle trailer

What else do I need to consider when my baby is travelling in the child trailer?

Although we’ve already mentioned this from time to time, here’s an overview of what we recommend you bear in mind when travelling with your little one:

  • don’t ride too fast - it’s better to start with short, leisurely tours
  • Avoid bumpy roads
  • take short breaks in between (your baby’s back and stomach muscles are not yet strong enough and need to be relieved from time to time) and stretch your limbs. After sufficient rest, you can continue!
  • Helmets are not compulsory in Germany. This also applies to children in bike trailers. However, as soon as a helmet fits on the head, it can of course also be worn in the Croozer! In other countries, such as Austria, there is a comprehensive helmet requirement that also applies to children in bicycle trailers. Therefore, the Croozer may only be used there as a buggy and jogger with children in the baby seat - unfortunately, there are no bicycle helmets for babies. You can find out more in our blog post on the subject of “Helmet obligation”.

You can find further information in the operating instructions for the baby seat.

What accessories do I need to take my baby with me in the child trailer?

The Croozer baby seat is the accessory you need for the first few months. For older Croozer child trailers up to model year 2009, there is a bicycle trailer shell from Weber that you can install as an alternative. The Croozer baby seat is one of our ergonomic seating aids to ensure that your child does not slip in the seat and is well padded. If your child is too big or too old for the baby seat or can already sit on their own, then the Croozer seat support is probably the right accessory for you.

It offers your child aged between 10 and 20 months additional support in the head and torso area.

Sucking allowed: Both accessories are regularly tested for harmful substances, just like our child bike trailers themselves. Find out more about ergonomics in our blog!

The Kramms design collection offers you different variants so that you can combine the baby seat, winter set and sun protection to your heart’s content! Our sustainable, breathable climatex® baby seat adapts to your little one’s body temperature and effectively supports natural thermoregulation - so your baby always feels cosy and safe!

You can find all products in specialist shops and here in our online shop.


You can find out which baby seat and seat support fit in your bike trailer using our model selector. No matter which Croozer model from which year you have - you’ll find it here.

You cannot install a Maxi Cosi or other baby car seats in the Croozer.

Perfect winter match: For the cold season, you can combine the Croozer baby seat perfectly with our winter set. A cosy fleece insert and a zip-on blanket bag provide warmth and security! There is a warm OEKO-TEX® footmuff for the little passengers in the seat support to snuggle up in.

Do you have any questions? Then give us a call - we’re here for you!

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