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Bike Trailer Theft Protection

How to protect your bicycle trailer from theft

More and more people are using bicycles for their day-to-day trips and errands. In this context, bicycle trailers are an ideal solution for transporting the whole kit and caboodle in safety and comfort – which is also why these accessories are so popular. Unfortunately, highly sought-after products often end up in the hands of sticky-fingered opportunists. In this blog entry, we’ll be giving you a few tips for protecting your bicycle trailer from theft.

Replacement parts for Croozer bicycle trailers

Running into the bakery for just a few seconds with your bike and trailer in clear view – although tempting, it’s never a very good idea. In spite of the fact that, according to official statistics, the number of bicycle thefts has dropped in recent years, bicycles are still highly prone to theft. This is why you should always play it safe and lock up your bike and trailer, even if you are only planning to be away for a short period of time.

We have also given lots of thought to theft prevention in the development of our bicycle trailers. Our special Click&Crooz® hitch arm that connects the trailer to the bicycle is equipped with its own lock – meaning that you can securely attach the hitch arm to the hitch to keep it safe from thieves!
There is no lock at the other end of the hitch arm where it attaches to the trailer itself, but you can replace the magnetic pin with a small lock in order to ensure that the hitch arm is secured on both ends.

Checklist for reducing the risk of theft

In general, we recommend always locking up your bicycle trailer – and for this blog entry, we’ve put together a few useful tips for keeping your trailer extra safe:

  • Always lock up your bicycle and trailer, leaving them in a highly visible public area, preferably one with lots of foot traffic; if possible, secure them to a bike rack. In this case, it’s also a good idea to park the bike and trailer somewhere in the middle of the rack, as thieves usually focus on the bikes parked at the ends.
  • Always lock your trailer to your bicycle. This works best if you unhitch the trailer and place it beside your bike. Thread the lock through the frame of the trailer and bicycle, then around an immovable object (e.g. a bike rack or lamp post). For this purpose, be sure to use a lock that is as long as possible, e.g. a cable lock.
  • For even more protection, use two different locks, because thieves are usually specialised in opening a certain kind of lock. And they want to be able to work as quickly and inconspicuously as possible – meaning that if they find an unfamiliar lock type that poses an unplanned challenge, they are more likely to abandon any attempt to steal the bike or trailer. In this case, you can either lock the trailer to the bicycle and an immovable object or lock the trailer to the bicycle (and the bicycle to an immovable object). Regardless of which option you choose: Be creative and attach your lock(s) in a manner that is as inaccessible and complicated as possible, even if it takes a little more time to lock everything up. The trick is to make life as difficult as possible for thieves!
Doing sport with a child in a bicycle trailer

2-in-1: Take advantage of the various trailer functions

At home, you can avoid having to lock up your bicycle trailer by taking advantage of its foldability: Our Kid, Dog and Cargo models can be quickly and easily folded to a compact size and stored in a cellar, a hallway, a garage or even a flat. It may be annoying to do this after every trip, but it will greatly decrease the likelihood of your trailer being stolen!
If you’re out and about, you can also easily convert your Kid or Dog to a stroller or your Cargo to a handcart. Then you can take your Croozer with you wherever you go, taking full advantage of its versatility!

Would you like to learn more about riding safety?

Here, you can find more information about safety in the child trailer.

Additional protection through insurance

Even if you follow all of the tips provided above, you can unfortunately never be 100% certain that your bicycle trailer will not be stolen – thieves are becoming increasingly professional and clever. In order to make the loss of your trailer a bit less heart-breaking (and expensive), you can look into applicable insurance policies.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to insurance:

  • Bicycle accessories like trailers are often included in standard household insurance policies; however, these policies only cover items that are stolen from a locked room. You can also buy supplementary insurance as an add-on to your household insurance policy – but be sure to read the policy carefully, as certain restrictions may apply: For example, you may have to use a specific type of lock for securing the bicycle and trailer, or the insurance may not cover thefts that occur at certain times of day or night.
  • Some insurance companies offer special policies for bicycles, sometimes even with comprehensive cover. In this case, your bike and trailer will also be covered for any damage caused by accidents or vandalism.

Be sure to look into what options are available with your current insurance policy. If you decide to look for a new policy, we recommend using an insurance comparison site!

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