Good to know: useful information about your bike trailer

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Ready for autumn

Autumn is right around the corner! However, along with the beautiful colours, it can also bring cold and wet weather. Never fear: You can continue using your Croozer and don’t have to pack it away in the garage for the winter. In this blog entry, we’ll be giving you a few tips for getting your bicycle trailer ready for autumn so that you can keep enjoying your trailer during this wet and chilly season.

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Do you use your Croozer in the autumn and winter months?

Moisture, snow and road salt can pose a major challenge for cyclists. It’s important to prepare your bike and trailer for these conditions and keep them well-maintained and cared for. Both your bicycle and trailer are going to need a bit more attention than usual in order to protect them from the elements and keep them looking their absolute best! Our Winter Safety Checklist can be found below. It also provides information on the accessories we recommend for the wet and cold months of the year.

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Are you planning to put your Croozer into winter storage?

If so, we still recommend reading our Winter Safety Checklist or asking a Croozer dealer for assistance with checking your Croozer’s most important components before preparing it for a well-earned winter slumber.

The Croozer Storage Cover protects the trailer from moisture, dust and dirt when in storage, ensuring that it’ll still look amazing when it hits the road again in the spring.

Winter Safety Checklist


  • Clean off any dirt
  • Clean axles and oil retaining balls
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  • Check functionality of locking mechanisms
  • Check tyre pressure


  • Check, and if necessary tighten, spring-arm bolts


  • Check brake function on both sides

Hitch arm

  • Check head and safety strap for damage

Magnetic pin

  • Clean off any dirt
  • Clean and oil retaining balls


  • Check for proper function
  • If necessary, charge or replace battery

Safety flag

  • Check for completeness


  • Clean and allow to dry completely before storage
  • Store trailer under Storage Cover or fold it for storage


  • Check brakes
  • Check lights
  • Check tyre pressure
  • Oil chain
  • For more information, consult your bicycle’s manual

Leave it to the professionals: If you’d rather not do the inspection work yourself, then make an appointment for a check-up with a Croozer partner in your area!
Consult the respective Croozer manual for additional information on inspecting and maintaining your Croozer.

Accessories for autumn and winter months

Rain Cover

Not only keeps your bicycle trailer dry, but also makes it highly visible, thanks to the eye-catching colour! Order it here for Croozer Kid, Dog and Cargo models.

Sensor activated light

With a white light in front and a red light in back – it will make your Croozer Kid clearly visible to other road users at all times. The sensor light is available as an accessory for retrofitting to Croozer Kid 2018-2019 model. A replacement handlebar with integrated light is available for older models or the current Kid Keeke.

Battery-powered light

For all Croozer models, there is a battery-powered light for when the bicycle trailer blocks your bike’s tail light or if you simply want extra safety. You can order the Croozer battery-powered light here in the online shop.

Storage Cover

We recommend the Storage Cover for when your Croozer is parked outside or put away in storage. It is also useful in the summer, e.g. for keeping your trailer’s colours looking bright and new! Order it here for Croozer Kid, Dog and Cargo models.

Winter Kit

To keep your baby cosy and warm in the Croozer, you can simply zip this cuddly footmuff to a model 2018 or newer Baby Seat. An insulating fleece seat cover is included. Available in four designs! You can order the Winter Kit here.

Safety Flag

The Croozer comes with a safety flag for increased visibility. Replacement safety flags can be purchased through an authorised dealer or from our online shop.

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