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Vaaya or Keeke?

Vaaya and Keeke - these are the melodious names of our Croozer Kid models. But how exactly do they differ? Is it just the colour? Which model fits better to you and your family? In this blog post, we will be providing information that will help you with your decision-making

The most obvious difference between our Vaaya and Keeke is the colour: The Vaaya rolls through the neighbourhood in a beautiful Graphite blue or Jungle green, and the Keeke in a cool, stylish Stone grey. However, the materials and their processing are identical! This applies not only to the fabric body, but also to the design of the two models: They have the same height, the same width, the same components and the same cargo-compartment volume.

In addition, they both come with our sophisticated AirPad® suspension, which absorbs both shocks and vibrations and will make your young passenger(s) feel like they are floating on air. Both models also come with a stroller wheel so that you can flexibly adapt your Croozer to your family’s ever-changing daily routines and switch easily between trailer and stroller. In this blog post , we provide more information on our quick and easy Click & Crooz® fastening system!

Overview: Our Croozer Kid Models

Croozer Kid Vaaya bike trailer

climatex® for optimal comfort in the seat

The first difference between the Vaaya and Keeke: The Vaaya, just like our special Baby Seat, has seat covers made from the sustainable, temperature-regulating material climatex®. This material is truly ingenious: climatex® is not only cool in the summer, but also warm in the winter, because it adjusts to the child’s body temperature and effectively supports natural thermoregulation. Passengers will feel as comfy and cosy as they do in their own beds, even on longer trips!

Particularly in the summer, children can start sweating quickly. climatex® offers a solution: Its special weave of natural and man-made fibres uses capillary action to quickly absorb and wick moisture away into the deeper structures of the seat. As a result, the surface remains dry at all times. You can learn more about this amazing material and how it works on our climatex® page.

We chose this sustainable material because of the advantages it offers for not only little passengers but also the environment, which is especially important for us: climatex® is 100% recyclable. The Cradle to Cradle Certification guarantees that the materials can be completely separated for recycling. This is also consistent with our company values, as the future of our planet is in everyone’s hands and we’re doing everything we can to help!

Working towards a sustainable future together.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy.
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Clever sensor light for even more safety

What else is different about the Vaaya and the Keeke? The Vaaya also comes with an integrated sensor-activated light on both sides of the handlebar, which shines white in the front and red in the back. This lighting system provides even more visibility and safety, particularly in the dark or in unfavourable weather conditions, like rain, snow or fog. And that’s not all: Thanks to the sensor technology, the light switches on automatically in low-light conditions when the Croozer is in motion and switches off automatically as well. And if the battery is empty, it can be quickly and easily recharged using the USB cable.

If you later change your riding behaviour – from mainly dry-weather daytime trips to all-weather riding before dawn or after dusk – you can easily buy an additional handlebar with an integrated lighting system as an accessory.

Regardless of which Croozer Kid you choose, the comfort and safety of you and your little one(s) is guaranteed!

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