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Croozer bike trailers all year round

Cycling isn't just for summer

The warm and sunny months of summer are the peak season for cycling. However, Croozer trailers can actually be faithful companions all year round, supporting you in your family’s efforts to lead a sustainable life. In this blog post, we will show you how this is possible!

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Speaking of visibility – our Rain Covers are equipped with reflective strips, but more light never hurts. For all of our models, we offer an extra battery-powered tail light that is compatible with the Rain Covers to ensure that other road users will see you!

Our Kid Vaaya trailers come equipped with an intelligent, integrated sensor-activated light that is red in the back and white in the front. This system is incredibly practical, switching on automatically when it senses motion in combination with low light levels. Our older Kid models can also be retrofitted with a sensor-activated light.


From autumn to winter

In the winter, we sometimes have to deal with not only rain and snow, but also chilly air. To ensure that your tiniest passengers will stay warm and toasty in the “back seat”, we offer a a footmuff which suits perfectly to each Croozer Baby Seat of 2018 or any newer Croozer Kid models.

Croozer offers all-weather accessories not only for riding but also for storage: Regardless of whether your Croozer is parked outside or kept safe and dry in the garage, our storage cover will protect it from moisture, dust and dirt. A nice side effect: It prevents the Croozer’s beautiful colours from fading.

As you can see, the Croozer can be easily adapted to withstand wind and weather and remain a faithful companion all year round. So what are you waiting for?

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