Four legs on two wheels

Out and about with the Croozer Dog bicycle trailer.

With the Croozer Dog you can expand your family’s radius of activity without pushing your four-legged friend beyond her limits. On this page, you will find useful information about cycling with a dog!


From puppy to old age.

Good to know: even if your dog clearly enjoys accompanying you on your jogs or bicycle rides, his bones and joints are simply not made for long distances. This is especially true for puppies and young dogs with growing bones. A bicycle trailer is the right choice if you want to take your dog on outings that are longer than normal walks or hikes.


A safe haven for your best buddy.

A dog trailer from Croozer is the ideal companion for you and your four-legged friend if…

  • You have a puppy – because their growing joints need protection from overexercise.
  • You’re an avid cyclist and want to take your canine companion with you on trips with your bike or e-bike.
  • You have two dogs, and one of them has a hard time keeping up.
  • You have a dog with physical limitations, e.g. as a result of an injury or chronic disease (CDH/DDH).

You already know exactly what you want?

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How to make the Croozer Dog your pet’s favourite nook.

You don’t think your dog would be able to ride calmly in a bike trailer? Don’t worry: the Croozer Dog was designed to help even the most nervous canines get used to the trailer in a stress-free manner!

What’s important is that you give your dog the time he needs to acclimate to the wheeled doghouse. This often goes very quickly. For information on helping your dog learn to love the trailer, we recommend our “Guide to a Happy Dog”.

In consultation with experts.

Our dog trailers have been specially designed to meet the needs of canines and their human companions. To achieve this, we ensured that veterinarians, dog therapists, dog trainers, breeders and of course users like you were actively involved in the development process!

The perfect dog trailer for you and your four-legged friend.

From Beagle to Giant Schnauzer: with three sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect CROOZER for any dog up to 45 kg. Thanks to the unique design of the passenger compartment, your dog can ride in a sitting position or lying down – whichever position she finds most comfortable. The extra-low door (14 cm) makes it easy for older dogs, or dogs with health issues, to hop into the trailer.

You can take advantage of our selection of practical accessories to make your life even easier: options include the comfy Dog Bed, the Stroller Kit, the Storage Cover and – NEW as of late March – the Rain Cover in high-visibility Lightning yellow! You can find more information below.

The Croozer Dog models

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