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Dog bed to go: How to plan a bike tour with your dog

Bike tours with dogs are becoming increasingly popular. However, dogs should never be allowed to run beside their owners’ bikes over long distances or when travelling at high e-bike speeds, along the street or at high temperatures. Here are a few tips for how you can nevertheless take your dog with you!


Bike tours are loads of fun: not just for humans, but also for their devoted canine companions. For young and healthy dogs, it’s usually no problem at all to run beside a bicycle for a short distance on a leash or bike dog lead – and in Germany, riding with a dog on a leash is also allowed (according to Section 28, Paragraph 1 of the German road traffic regulations StVO).

However, a dog’s bones and joints are simply not made for long distances, which is why even the healthiest dogs will quickly reach their limits on longer tours at higher speeds. Thanks to the constantly growing e-bike market, excursions of this kind are becoming increasingly common. Furthermore, not all dog breeds are able to run beside bicycles, and puppies, older dogs and dogs with illnesses definitely require extra care. Nevertheless, humans should be able to bring their canine companions with them on cycling excursions – and there are several convenient solutions for making this possible.

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For smaller dog breeds, there are practical carriers that mount to the handlebars or rear rack. Owing to the fact that dogs with short legs get exhausted especially quickly, they should only be allowed to run alongside a bicycle that is moving at a walking pace. In their basket, they can enjoy the trip in safety and comfort.

For larger and heavier dogs, special bicycle trailers, like the Croozer Dog models, are available. In these trailers, curious canines can make themselves comfortable while sitting or lying down and nevertheless explore the world. Our dog trailers were specially designed to meet the needs of canines and their human companions, based on valuable input from veterinarians, dog therapists, dog trainers, breeders and, of course, dog owners.

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Of course, when purchasing a bicycle trailer, it’s important to put careful thought into the decision and consider the following questions in advance:

  • Timing: You should never buy a bicycle trailer right before a bike tour, because dogs need some time to get used to riding in the trailer.
  • Size: If you buy a doghouse on wheels for a puppy, you will need to keep in mind how large your dog will be when fully grown so that they will be able to ride comfortably in the trailer for many years.
  • Suitability: Is the bicycle trailer suitable for the bicycle or e-bike? Does it fit to the bike? Not every bicycle manufacturer recommends using their bikes with a trailer, and e-bikes that can go faster than 25 km/h with motor assistance, for example, are not even allowed to pull bicycle trailers with children or dogs. Several manufacturers, including Croozer, offer an extensive range of hitches so that the bicycle trailers can be hitched to practically any bicycle.

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