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How a Croozer Bike Trailer Can Help You Lead a Car-Free Life

More and more people are making the conscious choice to live without a car. However, car-free living can be challenging, particularly for families and in rural areas. For anyone who chooses to get around mainly by bike, trailers can offer amazing versatility and serve as ideal travel and transport “buddies”. But what exactly would a day with a Croozer look like? In this blog entry, we will be giving you a concrete example!

Croozer bike trailer for 2 kids

It’s early in the morning: Another action-packed day is dawning. After getting up, getting dressed and eating breakfast, you wake your Croozer child trailer from its slumber in the hallway. Luckily, it can be easily folded up to a practical, compact size that requires little space for storage – this means that you don’t have to leave it in front of your house, where it could attract potential thieves. Thanks to the Click & Crooz® technology it only takes a few seconds to unfold the trailer and hitch it to your bicycle.

Your child’s nursery-school bag and your own rucksack fit easily into the cargo compartment behind the seat(s) of the trailer. Then it’s time to head off for your first stop of the day: nursery school! On the way there, you can even pick up your child’s best friend – and the two of them can experience a mini adventure together, exploring the world on their way to school. While walking the children in to their classroom, you can leave the bicycle and trailer outside worry-free – thanks to our hitch-arm lock, the Croozer is securely locked to the bicycle!

Then it’s time to cycle on to work. While you’re busy at your job, the bicycle trailer can take a short break. At the end of the day, it’s time to hit the road again: first, fetching the little ones from school, then making a quick trip to the supermarket. The large cargo compartment of our Croozer Kid can easily handle all of your groceries – along with your bags, toys and other take-along items.

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Croozer child trailer for two kids

Clever convertibility: More than a bicycle trailer

Afterwards, you and your child are meeting friends for a walk to the playground. Here, you can easily unhitch the trailer from the bike and convert it to a stroller! Then you can enjoy a relaxed walk – and your child can even catch up on a little sleep after a busy day at school. After the sand castles have been built at the playground, it’s time to head home, once again in bicycle trailer mode.
After unpacking your groceries, putting everything away, making dinner and then eating it with your family, you’re in the mood for a short run through the park with your little one. No problem at all: The Croozer child trailer can also be converted to a jogger!

After such an eventful day, you’re looking forward to enjoying a couple hours on the couch or going straight to bed. Luckily it takes no time at all to fold up the trailer and pack it away for the night. Once it’s been folded to a compact size, it can easily fit not only in the garage, but also in your cellar, hallway or flat. This is how you can successfully manage your action-packed days and stay mobile without a car!

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