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Safety in the Croozer kids trailer

Riding safely with the child trailer – every day and everywhere

For parents, nothing is more important than their children’s safety. The special design of our child trailers guarantees safety for your young passengers in the “back seat” – but how can you, as the user, maximise this safety? In this blog post, we give you several important tips!

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“Safety first” has always been a top priority in the development of our bicycle trailers. This is why all Croozer Kid models have a passenger compartment that protects young passengers like a cocoon. It is equipped with a full internal roll cage (steel at the bottom and aluminium at the top) that completely surrounds the child(ren), providing protection from all sides. In addition, bicycle trailers have a low centre of gravity, which helps keep both wheels safely on the road, e.g. if you are on a bumpy path or happen to hit a kerb with one wheel while riding at a somewhat high speed.

To ensure that all Croozer products are safe and reliable, we subject them to rigorous routine testing against the relevant criteria – in this context, Croozer not only satisfies all legal requirements and standards, but also sets its own voluntary standards that go above and beyond basic compliance. You can learn more in our overview of safety testing.

Check: What you should do before each ride

Our child trailers are designed to ensure excellent safety on the road. However, to further improve the safety of your young passengers and increase the visibility of your bicycle while pulling the trailer in traffic, be sure to observe the following safety precautions:

  • Keep the safety flag that came with your Croozer mounted at all times – this will make it easy for other road users to see the trailer in traffic. If your safety flag gets damaged or lost, you can easily order a replacement!
  • At night, dusk or dawn – or whenever visibility is in any way reduced – it is extremely important and even required by law to use a fully functional lighting system. All of our child trailers come with rear reflectors, and the handlebar of the Kid Vaaya is equipped with an integrated sensor-activated lighting system that has a white light in front and a red light in back. In addition, you can equip your Croozer with a Battery-Powered Back Light and/or retrofit any Kid model from 2008 or later with a Click & Flash® Handlebar with Lighting System.
  • Always strap your children into the safety harness, regardless of whether they are riding in a Baby Seat or in the seat of the trailer. The protective 5-point harness system holds the child securely in place, even in the unlikely event that the trailer would tip or roll over. See the respective user manual for more information on how to adjust and fasten the safety harness(es) on your Croozer kid trailer.
  • Be sure to keep the handlebar mounted to the bicycle trailer at all times: In the event of an accident, it acts as a roll bar, protecting the passengers.
  • Never transport cargo items together with your child(ren) on the seat or in the foot area. Cargo must be well-secured in the rear cargo compartment to ensure that it cannot shift during transport.
  • Keep the cover closed while riding – the integrated rain cover can be rolled up in dry weather, but the cover with the mesh window should be kept closed at all times to protect your child(ren) from potential injuries caused by flying insects or small stones thrown up from the rear wheel of the towing bicycle. It can also be wise to keep the rain cover closed, because – just like the side windows – it has a UV protection factor (UPF) of 80. We all know how nice it is to enjoy the warm sunshine or fresh breeze on your face, but on the road, safety comes first! When you’re taking a short break in front of the supermarket or at a café, the cover can be rolled up again.
Check list for more safety in the Croozer kids trailer

Many customers ask us if passengers in the trailer get enough fresh air when the cover is closed. Our response is: yes, of course! The passenger compartment is not air-tight. Plenty of fresh air penetrates through the fabric body and various openings, e.g. around the rear cargo compartment. Nevertheless, if you plan to take longer trips with the cover closed, we recommend using our Air Ventilation Insert.

P.S. You may be wondering why we often seem to ignore our own tips and rules in our photos and videos – this is because it would otherwise be impossible to see the passengers and the inside of the bicycle trailer. In real life, Croozians always follow the road-safety precautions!

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