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Croozer hitch arm for cargo trailers

Cargo + folding bike: a new friendship

Folding and compact bikes are booming because they are small and easy to store and can be taken on the train with you free of charge. The only downside of these bikes is their limited cargo-carrying capacity – but we have the perfect solution!

Do you live in a city with your family? Then you’re probably familiar with the endless “battle” for space – be it on the street, in car parks or in parking spaces in front of your home. In the future, this problem is expected to get worse, not better …
This is one reason why more and more people are switching to bicycles – and often folding or compact bikes – as their vehicle of choice for getting around the city. Bicycles make it possible to stay flexible, and you don’t have to worry about how long it will take to find a parking space for your car in the evening. Folding and compact bikes can be taken inside and stored in the cellar, the hallway or even the rooms of your flat.

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The only drawback is that folding and compact bikes do not offer any options for transporting cargo. Instead of simply picking up your groceries by bike on your way home from work, you have to reluctantly hop in the car.
But not any more! Although the bicycle itself cannot hold much in terms of cargo, a bicycle trailer can carry a lot. This is why we decided to get to work on the development of a special hitch arm that could be used for hitching our Kalle, Pakko or Tuure trailers to a 16” rear wheel – the beginning of a whole new friendship full of possibilities!

Thanks to this hitch arm, any of our three Cargo trailers can now be quickly and easily hitched to a folding or compact bike, as always with our Click & Crooz® technology. This means that, without having to take your car out of the garage, you can easily get your cargo from A to B using your compact bike. And never fear: Thanks to the hitch arm’s special design, the trailer remains level when towed by bikes with low axles.

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Folding bikes can still show their true colours

And what about the features that make folding and compact bikes so unique? We also kept these in mind when developing our hitch arm: When the Cargo is hitched, the rear wheel of the bike can still be folded in as usual, and the bike can be parked in small spaces together with the trailer. And if the trailer is no longer needed, it can be quickly and easily unhitched.

Folding and compact bikes are mostly used in urban settings and are therefore most often parked in public places. This is why we also made sure the hitch arm would provide the appropriate level of security: It is equipped with a lock that can be used for locking it securely to the hitch.

In other words, folding and compact bikes, when teamed up with the Cargo, can now also be – true to the Croozer motto – “simply on the move”!

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