Good to know: everything you need to know about your bike trailer

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Tips for your maiden voyage

The day has finally come: Your long-awaited Croozer has arrived, and you can hardly wait to hitch it to your bike and start croozing! In this blog post, we tell you what first-time trailer users should keep in mind to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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Setting up the bicycle trailer

Mount the Croozer to your bicycle. Our user manuals provide detailed instructions if needed. If you have any problems setting up the trailer for the first time, be sure to consult a Croozer dealer, who will offer competent assistance!
The following considerations are particularly important:

  • Make sure the hitch is mounted to the left side of your rear wheel. The hitch arm of the Croozer is also mounted to the left side (relative to the direction of travel). The Universal Hitch that comes with your Croozer fits to roughly 85% of all bicycles. If you should require a different hitch, our Hitch Finder can help you choose the best solution for your bike from our approx. 30 different hitches.
  • Please make sure that the safety flag has been mounted correctly. It is inserted into a fabric tube on the left side of the rear panel. For more information, see the user manual that comes with your Croozer.
  • Particularly with the Croozer Kid, be sure to remove the stroller wheel before using the Croozer as a trailer. Thanks to the Click & Crooz® system, the wheel can be easily removed by pressing a button! It is also important that you attach the safety wrist strap correctly. For more information on how to do so, please consult the user manual.

Are you having trouble finding your user manual?

You can download all user manuals here!
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Familiarise yourself with the bicycle trailer

If you have never pulled a bicycle trailer before, you will need some time to get used to the differences in handling. However, once you’ve got some experience, you’ll notice that the bicycle trailer rolls smoothly and elegantly behind your bike with very little effect on steering, braking and other aspects of its handling!
These are the steps we recommend for familiarising yourself with your new bicycle trailer:

  • Take a practice ride (without passengers) in a calm area – for example, on a road with few cars or in an empty car park – before riding with the trailer on a busy street.
  • Instead of your future payload – be it child(ren) or dog – you can put a loaded rucksack or a bag of potting soil into the trailer to simulate the weight you will be pulling.
  • Be sure to practice braking, as well as riding around curves, which is when you will notice the biggest differences to “normal” rides without a trailer.

Special considerations for the Croozer Dog

Have you purchased a Croozer Dog and can’t wait to embark on fun outdoor adventures with your canine companion? We certainly understand your excitement, but it’s also important that you give your dog plenty of time to get used to their new doghouse-on-wheels before your first ride. Every dog is different. Therefore, it could be love at first sight, or your dog might need a long time to feel comfortable in the trailer. In any case, be patient and give your dog the time they need to build trust.

In a special blog post, we provide [concrete tips for a successful familiarisation process!](/en/blog-dog-trailer-getting used)

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