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Croozer Bike Trailers for kids

Emission-free mobility anywhere and everywhere.

The bicycle is the vehicle of the hour – and of course the future. More and more people are choosing emission-free means of transport to protect the environment. Our bicycle trailers help make this possible, adapting flexibly to your situation – because on most of your trips and errands, you bring your children, your canine companion or the whole kit and caboodle with you.
On this page, you can learn about our bicycle trailers for children, dogs and cargo, when you can use them and what features and advantages they offer!


The perfect companion for all situations.

Be it a Sunday outing, an active outdoor holiday at the coast or everyday family life in the city – bicycles are becoming increasingly popular as a means of transport. A Croozer bicycle trailer is the perfect cycling accessory if:

  • You want to take your little ones with you on your trip: in our Vaaya or Keeke there’s space enough for one or two children from one month to six years of age.
  • You want your four-legged friend with you on your tour: our Peppa, Jokke and Bruuno not only are ideal for puppies, older dogs and dogs with health issues, but also offer a place for able-bodied canines to take a break on longer routes.
  • You want an easy way to transport your groceries or picnic supplies: our Kalle, Pakko and Tuure are true packhorses and can handle any load.

Find the right hitch for your bike

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Our highlights at a glance:

“Simply on the move” – this is the principle that guides all of the design work for our bicycle trailers. Our mission is to offer the utmost comfort and convenience to not only the children or animals who ride in our trailers, but also the cyclists who pull them.


One click is all it takes to quickly and easily switch between the various kits, or hitch and unhitch the bicycle trailer.

Compact for packing

In a few simple steps, you can fold any Croozer trailer to a compact size for transport by car, train or plane!

Hitched in a flash

The Croozer Universal Hitch fits to almost any bicycle. However, depending on your rear-wheel axle, you may need a different solution. For such cases, we offer more than 30 varieties of hitches.

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Mix & match as you please.

For all of our bicycle trailers, we offer a large assortment of accessories} – from the special Baby Seat for the tiniest passengers and the cosy Dog Bed for canine companions, to the Rain Cover and Storage Cover. These options help you equip yourself for all kinds of situations and customise your Croozer to your preferences and needs. Choose the accessories that fit best to you and your lifestyle – then let the adventures begin!

Do you already own a Croozer bicycle trailer?

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Croozer bicycle trailer for kids

A safe place in the sun.

The safety of our passengers, whether human or animal, is our top priority. Through rigorous routine testing, we make sure that all Croozer products are safe and reliable, achieving standards over and above the legal requirements. This is why we offer a 10-year warranty on the safety frame and a 3-year warranty on the entire trailer. But our strong commitment to safety doesn’t stop there: the features of our bicycle trailers, as well as various accessories like the safety flag or the new Rain Cover in bright Lightning yellow, ensure excellent visibility in traffic in any weather – providing an extra margin of safety for you and everyone in the trailer.

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