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How to help your dog get used to your bicycle trailer

We developed the Croozer Dog in order to make it easier for you to get around with your dog, both on foot and by bike. To accomplish this, we ensured that experts – veterinarians, dog therapists, dog trainers, breeders and of course users like you – were involved in the development process. Nevertheless, it can take a bit of time for dogs to get used to riding in a bicycle trailer. How can you help? Watch our video and learn how even nervous dogs can easily become acclimated to the Croozer!

The bicycle trailer as a doggy den


For phase one of the familiarisation process, turn your trailer into a doggy den.

  • Remove the wheels, and place it on the floor, using the cardboard support block to prevent tipping. Open the Croozer door and put the doggy den in the spot where your pet normally rests.
  • Put your dog’s blanket and toys inside so that her new den will quickly feel safe and familiar.
  • Open the back, front and top of the Croozer Dog so that it looks inviting and can be entered and exited from either side.
  • Now you can playfully help your dog practice walking through the “tunnel” – just like at puppy school!
  • If the front crossbar is bothersome, you can remove it for the familiarisation process. For detailed instructions on its removal, consult the user manual for your Croozer Dog.
  • If your dog is apprehensive, you can keep his food bowl in the “tunnel” until he starts to feel more comfortable. This is how the trailer can quickly become a cosy nook … and your dog’s favourite hangout. The next step is to attach the wheels, let your dog get in and increase the stimuli by carefully moving the trailer.

This is how you can help your dog get used to the feeling of riding in a trailer


As soon as your dog has learned to love the Croozer Dog indoors, you can start helping her get used to riding in the bicycle trailer outdoors. An important reminder: if you have removed the front crossbar for the familiarisation process, then be sure to reinstall it to professional standards prior to your first ride.

  • In a calm and quiet area, mount the empty bicycle trailer to your bicycle.
  • Only then should you open the rear door and let your dog hop in.
  • Close the door as soon as he is inside the Croozer.

Push the bike with the trailer – maintaining a calm demeanour and keeping close watch on your dog’s behaviour. Now you can take your first ride and begin enjoying trips with your four-legged friend!

Extra tips for helping apprehensive dogs get used to the trailer


Dogs are very sensitive to their owner’s emotions. If you’re impatient, it will be more difficult for your pet to feel safe. If you are curious and relaxed around the “new vehicle”, your dog will mirror your emotions. Whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 weeks: give your dog the time he needs to build trust. Both are absolutely fine.

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