Exploring the world in the bicycle trailer

The Croozer Kid, a constant companion for your ever-changing family routines.

Active, at times hectic, and always full of surprises: this is how many parents describe their family routines. Croozer is the perfect companion for any situation and enables you to remain flexible – be it on your weekend shopping errands, your morning run or a relaxed outdoor adventure with the whole family. On this page, you can learn more about the versatility of the Croozer Kid. If you have already chosen a Croozer model, click here to go directly to our bicycle trailers!

Croozer Bike Trailers for kids

In the Croozer, there’s enough space for everyone.

In the Croozer Kid, one or two young passengers, from baby to school starter, can explore the world from the safe and comfy “back seat”. We offer ergonomic Baby Seats and Seat Supports so that you can take even babies on tour with you. These accessories come in various designs, enabling you to customise your Croozer to fit your own special style!

There’s no need for your Croozer to hibernate in the shed all winter. It can cruise the streets all year round: our accessories ensure that you’ll be ideally equipped for problem-free cycling, strolling or jogging in the rain, on hot days and even at night. Our Sun Cover not only protects passengers from the harmful effects of the sun , but also prevents overstimulation, ensuring that your children – particularly the youngest – will feel safe and sound in their cosy nook.

Doing sport with a child in a bicycle trailer

Flexibility for your family

The Croozer Kid is so much more than “just” a bicycle trailer: converting it to a practical stroller or a sporty jogger is as easy as 1,2,3. This means that you’re always flexible and well-equipped to roll with whatever your daily, action-packed family life throws at you. The Click & Crooz® fastening system lets you switch between bicycle trailer, stroller and jogger modes with the press of a button. Regardless of the mode you choose: our special Croozer AirPad® suspension ensures optimal comfort at all times, and your little ones will feel like they’re floating on air!

And if you don’t need the Croozer for the time being, you can quickly and easily fold it to a compact size and store it – or even take it on the train with you.

Croozer Kid Vaaya Lifestyle 12

Doubly good for the climate.

On warmer days, young passengers, and particularly infants, can start sweating quickly. This is why we have equipped our Kid Vaaya and the new Baby Seat with sustainable, temperature-regulating climatex® seat covers: this intelligent material is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, adjusting to the child’s body temperature to effectively support natural thermoregulation. Passengers will feel just as comfy and cosy as they do in their own beds, even on longer trips.

However, the sustainable material is not only passenger-friendly but also environmentally friendly: climatex® is 100% recyclable. Cradle to Cradle Certification guarantees that the materials can be completely separated for recycling. This is also consistent with our company values, as Croozer is passionate about protecting the future of our planet.

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Croozer bicycle trailer for kids

A sunny place with guaranteed safety.

When it comes to the transport of young passengers, nothing is more important than safety. Our products undergo rigorous routine testing – achieving standards over and above the legal requirements. At Croozer, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a a 10-year warranty on the safety frame and a 3-year warranty on the entire trailer. It’s our way of ensuring that all Croozer products are absolutely safe and reliable!

Safety first – this also applies to peace of mind on the road! Our bicycle trailers and various accessories, e.g. the Kid Vaaya handlebar with integrated sensor light or the Rain Cover in the eye-catching colour Lightning yellow, provide an extra margin of all-weather traffic safety for you and everyone in the trailer.

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