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Take Your Dog To Work - Every Day!

We at Croozer have an especially soft place in our hearts for human’s best friend, the dog. It’s no coincidence that we’ve developed our own dog trailers and are working constantly on their optimisation in order to offer our four-legged friends the highest level of comfort. We also bring our passion for pups to work with us … quite literally: Several Croozians have canine companions, and they are always welcome at the office!

It’s 8:30 a.m.: Teresa arrives at the office with her two dogs, Lucy and Hilde, setting off a chorus of joyful barking in the building. Wica, who by then is usually already relaxing in the bookkeeping department, peeks around the corner. When a bit later Marie, Bruno and Isi stroll in, the puppy club is complete! Then it can also get somewhat lively – but all of us Croozians always look forward to visits from their furry colleagues and are happy to greet them with a friendly scratch behind the ear.
Lunch breaks are used for taking long walks together or playing ball on the spacious lawn. A welcome side effect: This keeps us active, which is also good for our physical fitness.

Our office dogs are an integral part of the Croozer team and even have their own job titles – based on their personalities! You can learn more about them here:


Junior Assistant


Senior Manager


Food Inspector


Fitness Coach


Feel Good Manager


Safety Inspector


Feel Good Manager

Our four-legged colleagues are not only there for playing or as “feel-good managers” – their presence has a positive impact on our health (in addition to the daily walks at lunchtime).
According to the German Federal Association of Office Dogs, the presence of dogs in the office can have numerous beneficial effects, such as improving the atmosphere at work, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and promoting creativity. This means that, with our furry friends, we’re actually able to do and achieve much more for Croozer!

In any case, our dogs love being a part of the Croozer community – Wica, for example, never wants to leave the office at the end of the day. Now that’s what you call commitment!

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