Important Safety Upgrade for the 2016/2017 Croozer Handlebar

Important Safety Upgrade

The 2016/2017 models of the Croozer Kid and Croozer Kid Plus trailers with the Click & Crooz® fastening system came out in March 2016. Unlike the previous models, the new Click & Crooz® handlebars are not secured by a manually inserted pin but instead lock in place with an automatic pin mechanism when inserted into the frame.

At Croozer, safety and functionality are our highest priorities, which is why we inspect our products on an ongoing basis. To optimise safety, we have decided that every 2016/2017 Croozer Kid, Croozer Kid Plus and lighted handlebar with the Click & Crooz® system must be equipped with an additional safety strap on the handlebar. Please note: The new Crozer Kid and Kid Plus models as well as the lighted handlebar from model year 2018 are not affected by the safety upgrade. Thanks to a new securing system, the new models and the lighted handlebar do not need the safety strap.

In the rare case that the handlebar locking mechanism would fail to lock properly into the frame without the user noticing, the additional strap ensures that the handlebar would nevertheless remain attached to the Croozer. In the next steps, we will tell you more about the reason for the additional safety strap and how to use it. The following products are affected:

  • Croozer Kid Plus for 1 (2016/2017) / Art. 121000316
  • Croozer Kid Plus for 2 (2016/2017) / Art. 121000416
  • Croozer Kid for 1 (2016/2017) / Art. 121000216
  • Croozer Kid for 2 (2016/2017) / Art. 121000116
  • Click & Flash® - Handlebar with sensor light (One-seater) (2016/2017) / Art. 122003016
  • Click & Flash® - Handlebar with sensor light (Two-seater) (2016/2017) / Art. 122003116

Reasons for the additional safety strap:
Four users have reported that the handlebar of their Croozer slipped out of the frame when they were walking down a steep slope. In each of these cases, the user managed to immediately stop the Croozer from rolling away, and therefore no injuries or damage resulted.

What do I have to do as the user?

First, check to make sure that your Croozer handlebar locks securely in the frame in both of the height settings. If so, then attach the enclosed safety strap to your handlebar, following the instructions provided. It only takes a few seconds to attach and can be easily connected to the Croozer. No tools are required. The function of the handlebar safety strap is similar to that of the safety strap on the hitch connector of the trailer and should be used at all times as an additional safety mechanism on all Croozer Kid and Kid Plus 2016/2017 models as well as the lighted handlebar 2016/2017 model.


Croozer Kid Plus (2016/2017) without safety strap

This is the respective part of your Croozer bicycle trailer wthout the safety strap. As you can see in the picture, the handlebar of the Croozer Kid Plus bike trailers (blue) 2016/2017 model locks in the frame via the user-friendly Click & Crooz® system. This is the place for the safety strap.


Croozer Kid Plus (2016/2017) with safety strap

Now you can see how your Croozer Kid Plus looks with the mounted safety strap. The black strap connects the basis of the trailer with the handlebar. Like already said: You only need the safety strap for child trailer models from 2016/2017 series.


Croozer Kid (2016/2017) without safety strap

Again, this picture shows you the Click & Crooz® fastening system, but this time on your Croozer Kid (green) trailer. By the way: Our Bike Trailer Model Guide tells you the model year your Croozer if your are not sure about it.


Croozer Kid (2016/2017) with safety strap

This picture shows you the Croozer Kid 2016/2017 model including the safety strap on the handlebar. It only takes a few seconds to attach the safety strap, no tools are required. You don’t need any extra expertise.


Lighted Handlebar as an accessory

This is the Croozer Handlebar with integrated sensor light, availale as an accessory for all Croozer child trailers (model years 2009-2015). For the 2016/2017 series of the handlebar, the Click & Crooz® technology is also used. Therefor, the handlebar should also be secured with the safety strap. The installation is very easy - just take a look at the picture of the mounted strap at the Croozer Kid Plus above.

If you notice that your handlebar does not lock securely in place in both height settings, please fill in the order form for the safety upgrade kit.
We would then get in touch with you and make sure that you receive a fully functional handlebar with safety strap.

We wish you many more years of safe and happy journeys with your Croozer!
Your Croozer-Team


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