With the right replacement parts, you can get an older Croozer trailer back in tip-top shape

Replacement parts and accesoires for the Croozer bicycle trailers

We at Croozer are committed to conserving the earth’s resources. This is why all of our products are of high quality and extremely durable – and we back this up by offering a 10-year warranty on the safety frame and a 3-year warranty on the entire trailer.

In spite of your excellent care and maintenance, your Croozer has become damaged, and you need a replacement part to fix it. Or perhaps you’ve been using your Croozer for a very long time and want to spruce it up a bit.

You can find a number of replacement parts in our online shop. However, most parts can only be purchased through an authorised Croozer dealer. There, you’ll definitely be in good hands – our dealers not only can provide extensive support, but also will order any required parts and even install them for you if necessary.

What replacement parts can I find in the Croozer online shop?

In our online shop, you can purchase the following replacement parts, which are compatible with all Croozer models :

  • Safety flag
  • Battery-powered light
  • Hitches and adapters: our Universal Hitch fits to almost any bicycle. However, if you happen to require a different solution, we offer a large selection of adapters and hitches for thru axles, quick-release skewers and axle nuts. Our Hitch Finder will help you find the right hitch for your bicycle.

Replacement parts in our online shop

In addition, we offer several accessories that are compatible with older-generation Kid models:

  • Baby Seat: Here, you can find out which Baby Seat is compatible with your Croozer
  • Seat Support
  • Winter Kit
  • Handlebar Cover: this accessory can be ordered as a replacement part instead of the rubber grip, which can be difficult to replace.
  • Handlebar with Light
  • Sensor Light
  • Sun Cover
  • Floor Protection Tray
  • Ventilation Insert
  • Jogger Kit

If you aren’t quite sure of your Croozer’s model year, you can refer to our model guide for assistance.
Or simply contact either our Customer Service Department via consumer@croozer.com or a retailer in your area, who would be happy to help you.

Accesories in our online shop

Looking for a retailer?

If you weren’t able to find the required replacement part in our online shop, or your model is already a bit older, then we recommend contacting a Croozer dealer in your area. There, our competent partners can provide you with assistance, order the required parts – and even install them in their workshop!

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Please contact a dealer of your choice if:

  • You would like to replace the cover or the entire fabric body of your Croozer – in which case you will need to know the model year.
  • You would like to restore the seat covers, chest straps or pads.
  • You need a new stroller wheel or the associated replacement parts, such as bolts, nuts or sockets.
  • You are looking for a new wheel or the respective wheel axles, wheel bearings and dust caps.
  • Your tyres or inner tubes are defective.
  • You need a new hitch arm or the associated replacement parts, such as a safety pin.
  • You have lost the key for your hitch arm or need a new lock.
  • You need new reflectors to make your Croozer more visible.
  • You need a new bumper with fasteners.
  • You are looking for rubber grips and safety wrist straps for the handlebar.

Contact your local Croozer expert!

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Tips & tricks for proper maintenance.

To ensure that you will have many years of enjoyment with your Croozer, it is important to take good care of it and have it inspected at regular intervals. We have put together a few useful tips for you in our FAQs!

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