Four legs on two wheels: Croozer Dog

Croozer bike trailer for two dogs

Riding with two dogs in the bicycle trailer – planning a fun bike tour with your four-legged friends

What’s better than a dog? That’s right – two dogs! If you’re a “pack leader” and would like to transport both of your canine companions by bike, then Croozer is the perfect solution. Because: Our dog trailers offer enough space and comfort for two dogs. In this blog entry, we’ll be giving you a few tips for planning a problem-free bike tour with more than one four-legged friend!

Croozerbike trailer for dogs

How to create the best conditions

Dogs – just like humans – have different personality traits. Whether they are relaxed or energetic, bored or curious, stubborn or uncomplicated: You should always give your dogs enough time to become successful bicycle trailer passengers.

Tips & tricks for the first steps

Here you can learn more about trailer training
Croozer Dog bike trailer

To ensure that your trip with two canine passengers goes well, it’s important that your dogs get along. When they’re in the trailer together, there is no chance for them to get away from one another. Be sure to take enough time for test rides, enabling them to get used to spending time together in the passenger compartment of the trailer.

Finding the right bicycle trailer size

What’s the right trailer size for your dogs? Croozer offers dog trailers in three different sizes: the Dog Enna, Dog Mikke and Dog Tammo. The information on the size of the passenger compartment and the load capacity will help you choose the right model! Two small dogs weighing up to 10 kg each, or even three tiny dogs weighing less than 6 kg, will probably have enough space in the small Dog Enna. Two medium-sized dogs will be comfortable in the Dog Mikke. And larger dogs will do well in the Dog Tammo. It’s important that both dogs are able to sit comfortably with a little free space on all sides – just like in a dog crate for the car.

How to find the right Croozer Dog model

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Why use a bicycle trailer for two dogs?

If one of your dogs is unable (or not allowed) to walk very far, or is simply older, you can still enjoy longer rides with the Croozer. On bike tours, the less agile dog can take breaks in the dog trailer while the more active dog runs beside you. On longer walks, you can also take your physically disabled dog with you using the Stroller Kit.
Good to know: In general, it’s important to keep in mind that all dogs, regardless of how active or young they are, should not be allowed to run for long distances beside your bicycle – because their bones and joints are simply not made for it. Therefore, a bicycle trailer is the right choice if you want to take your dog(s) on outings that are longer than normal walks or hikes.

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