A reliable packhorse: Croozer Cargo

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Hardworking helpers in everyday life

Getting around town in a faster and more climate-friendly manner: More and more people are switching to bicycles. The only drawback: It can be harder to transport cargo than in a car boot. The many excellent solutions to this problem include not only the currently popular cargo bikes, but also cargo trailers!

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Shorter bike trips, reaching your destination faster, avoiding long traffic jams and searches for parking spaces: These are just a few of the many reasons for switching to a bicycle. Climate and environmental protection are also becoming increasingly important; these issues are inspiring people to stop using cars, and politicians to implement their concepts for cycling infrastructure and funding.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that bike-leasing programmes and cargo bikes are currently booming – because bicycles cannot fully replace cars unless it is safe and convenient to use them for transporting cargo. A sensible alternative to a cargo bike that has yet to receive the same amount of attention is the cargo trailer. With these “packhorses on wheels”, you can easily get any kind of cargo from door to door, while leaving your car in the driveway.

The basic function is the same: Cargo trailers can transport just as much cargo as cargo bikes: However, trailers tend to provide even better weather protection for valuable cargo items. Many people assume that a cargo trailer is somewhat more difficult to use. However, on flat surfaces a rider will hardly notice it’s there. Of course, all new users will first need to take some time to get used to the differences in handling: For example, with a trailer, you have to make wider turns, and the braking distance is somewhat longer.

What can Croozer Cargo trailers do?

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Flexibility for everyday life

One of the major advantages of a cargo trailer is its versatility: For example, you don’t have to buy a completely new bicycle, but can simply hitch a trailer to various bikes, depending on which family member currently needs it. This is why we offer more than 30 hitch varieties, and the special Click & Crooz® technology makes it possible to quickly hitch and unhitch the trailer with a single click.

However, cargo trailers offer versatility in yet another way: If they are not needed for a period of time, they can be folded to a compact size for storage – a huge advantage, particularly in the city, where storage space is precious, and few people want to leave their trailer parked on the street.

Last but not least, many cargo trailers can be converted into handcarts, making it possible to use them for parties on wheels, family picnics in the park or shopping trips to the supermarket.

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Cargo trailers also fit to folding bikes

Urban areas have seen a boom in not only cargo bikes, but also folding and compact bikes – because they are small and easy to store and can be taken on trains free of charge. However, these bikes offer even less cargo-carrying capacity than conventional bicycles. This is why we have developed a special hitch arm for 16 to 20-inch wheels, which is perfectly tailored to the requirements of folding and compact bikes.

Cargo bikes and cargo trailers each have their own advantages, depending on the needs and lifestyle of the user. And of course, these two options are not mutually exclusive – if you need to transport a lot of cargo, you can also combine the two and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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