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Staying physically active with the Croozer kids trailer

Staying physically active with the Croozer

The Croozer is much more than “just” a bicycle trailer: It can be quickly transformed into a stroller for leisurely walks or a jogger for forest runs, adapting flexibly to your everyday life. In this post, we’ll explain how this great accessory works!

Going for a quick jog early in the morning before the start of my day or doing a short workout in the park in the fresh evening air sounds wonderful, but how can I manage this with children?” Thanks to Croozer, you no longer have to ask this question, because our bicycle trailers are the perfect training companion – and your child(ren) can simply come along for the fun!

Our Jogger Kit, which is available as an accessory, is perfectly tailored for sporting activities like these. The all-terrain 16” pneumatic tyre can easily manage off-road paths – be it gravel, sand or forest. Thanks to our Click & Crooz® technology, the additional wheel and two wheel arms can be quickly and easily attached. The front wheel alignment is easy to adjust using the two rotary knobs at the ends of the wheel arms. Then all that’s left to do is bundle your kids up, put the safety strap around your wrist and head out for your run!

Is Jogging with the Croozer legally permissible?

We are obligated to include a warning on this subject in our user manuals. In accordance with the standard EN 1888 for wheeled child conveyances, the Croozer with the Jogger Kit installed is categorised by the GS (“Tested Safety”) certification body as an open stroller that can only be used for jogging if it is equipped with a service brake that can be operated by hand while jogging. Owing to the Croozer’s safe passenger compartment and low centre of gravity, we consider it safe to use the Croozer Jogger for running, even without a service brake.

Staying flexible: bicycle trailer, stroller or jogger.

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Can I skate with the Croozer?

Our child trailers are not equipped with a hand-operated control brake. You can reach much higher speeds on in-line skates than you can when jogging. In addition, if you need to slow down or stop while using the Croozer with in-line skates, you would have to counter the momentum of your own weight plus that of the trailer. This is why we strongly advise against using the Croozer while in-line skating.

Staying physically active with the Croozer

The Croozer can also do workouts

When it comes to doing sports with the Croozer, many people only think of jogging or hiking. However, a bicycle trailer can also be an effective training companion in a completely different and more versatile way: For example, you can do exercises like squats, butt lifts and lunges with the Croozer.

Our partner LAUFMAMALAUF has put together a special training programme with the Croozer – to help you stay fit with children!

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