The future of mobility? We’re already there!

For us at Croozer, the bicycle, be it classic or electric, is the vehicle of the hour – and of course the future. More and more people are choosing emission-free means of transport to protect the environment. To help meet their mobility needs in all situations, we develop bicycle trailers of impressive and unparalleled quality. Designed and developed in Hürth near Cologne – by us for you.


Out into Nature!

Is an active and environmentally friendly routine important to you? Since as far back as 1993, our work has been focused on making this possible – and fun – for more and more families! The advantages at a glance:

“Going green” has become a buzzword…

…but for us, it’s serious business! At the moment, we are working intensively on our sustainability report. Scroll down to subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated! We have also begun using our social media channels to share information on the subject of sustainability. Follow us on

Creating a sustainable future together

Responsibility for people and the environment

Product durability

Promoting the transition towards sustainable mobility

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We take responsibility

… for the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business activities.

  • Through our products and ideas, we are making a lasting contribution to the transition towards sustainable mobility.
  • We are committed to conserving all resources, embracing the motto: reduce, repair, recycle.
  • We live and breathe our company values of openness, appreciation and personal responsibility along the entire supply chain.

Our company values, as well as our strategic and operational practices and approaches, are guided by our sustainability vision.

Long-Lasting Products

Your Croozer is built to last! The high-quality materials, the clever design and an ever-increasing repairability ensure that, after many years and many kilometres, you will be able to either continue using or sell your Croozer!

Our Political Activities

Change is long overdue! The transition towards sustainable mobility is moving at a snail’s pace – which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to become politically active. With our Berlin “office” and good connections, we are motivated and determined to help push this transition forward.


Doing Our Part!

The company VAUDE has been a huge role model for us when it comes to sustainability. We developed our sustainability strategy in the context of the VAUDE Academy. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide us with excellent orientation. We have set 15 goals for ourselves for the upcoming months and are working intensively on their implementation. We will be sharing more updates on this work in the near future.

How Your Croozer Is Produced


All Croozer products are designed and developed at our company headquarters in Hürth (near Cologne). Our team of in-house product designers and engineers work meticulously to perfect every detail and strive to maximise product value and utility. Our workshop is equipped with all of the modern technology required to build prototypes and continuously improve products. The production process is managed by our highly sophisticated Israeli producer, with whom we work in close partnership. The Chinese production facility is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Our producer places a strong emphasis on honesty, quality, safety and respect, striving constantly towards greater efficiency and increased environmental friendliness. Croozer products are inspected for quality by our producer and again upon delivery to our logistics centre in Langenfeld. Stay tuned here for more information on the subject of production!

How We Are Already Sustainable

Green surfing

The website you are currently using is hosted on a server that already gets a large percentage of its electricity from renewable sources – and this percentage is constantly increasing.

Think before you print

Our catalogue is printed on 100% recycled paper (FSC-certified). The inks can be separated from the paper in a normal recycling process, and the special inks contain no microplastic particles. We pay a carbon offset for the printing and transport.

Cycling first!

We are members of various associations dedicated to the promotion of cycling – as both a social and political issue. In addition, we play an active role in shaping the transition to sustainable mobility!

Act locally!

We support social projects in our region: instead of birthday presents for Croozer employees in Hürth or Christmas cards for our business partners, we donate money to people and projects in need.

We provide training

Each year, we offer not only apprenticeships in various areas but also a wide range of opportunities for all of our colleagues to learn and develop – this is our contribution in the area of education.

Office Life

Our offices in Hürth (near Cologne) are furnished with high-quality, long-lasting office furniture. And our coffee is, of course, fair trade! In addition, our kitchens are always stocked with non-dairy milks and fresh fruit from the region.

Green commute

Every Croozer employee has the opportunity to choose a company bicycle (even for private use), use a free Croozer bicycle trailer and order a pass for local trams, buses and trains. In addition, our offices are easily accessible by public transport.

We are digital

Up until just a few years ago, Croozer was one of the many companies that printed out and filed its documents in paper form – resulting in cabinets and shelves full of folders. We have since made the transition to a nearly paperless office and are proud to say that, in terms of digitalisation, we are now at the forefront!

Internal awareness

Everything is a little easier together. That is why we in the Croozer team share our professional and also our private ideas and findings on the subject of sustainability. Whether it’s nutrition, plastic reduction, clothing - reporting on your own experiences and successes and thereby inspiring others is not only fun, but also helps more and more people go through life with open eyes.

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