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Does the Croozer fit to e-bikes?

E-bikes are booming. This is why many people have been asking us whether they can hitch a Croozer bicycle trailer to an e-bike (with pedal-assist or power-on-demand technology) – and whether they are even allowed to pull a trailer with these types of bikes. You can find the answers here!

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Does the Croozer fit to e-bikes?

In general, Croozer’s bicycle trailers can be pulled using any bicycle with a 26” to 29” rear wheel. The Universal Hitch that comes with every Croozer trailer fits to almost any bicycle. However, depending on the rear-wheel axle, you may need to find another solution for hitching a Croozer trailer to your bike. We offer more than 30 different varieties of hitches, also for e-bikes.

However, many e-bikes with pedal assist (aka “pedelecs”) have special rear-wheel hubs. This is why we ask that you take your e-bike and trailer to a local Croozer dealer to ensure proper installation.

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Can I use my Croozer with an e-bike?

Yes, you can! In Germany, pedelecs with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h (no licence plates required), can be used for pulling bicycle trailers if the bike’s manufacturer has approved it for this purpose.
Nevertheless, we recommend keeping your speed low in spite of the pedal assistance: Although the Croozer itself is able to handle higher speeds, your young passengers will be much safer if you ride more slowly. At higher speeds, it is much more difficult to keep the bicycle and trailer under control, and the risk of accidents increases.

Also keep in mind: In some countries (e.g. Germany), it is not allowed to use more powerful pedelecs (S-Pedelecs) and throttle-operated e-bikes that can travel at speeds above 25 km/h (15 mph) to pull a child trailer. Likewise, no other type of motorised vehicle, like a moped or scooter, can be used for towing a trailer.

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