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Carrying your baby in the Croozer bike trailer

Taking your baby on a bike tour

Nothing is nicer than a family bike trip in the countryside! If your little ones are still too young to ride their own bikes, there are various options for bringing them along – from child seats or cargo bikes to the bicycle trailer. However, when it comes to transporting babies, trailers are the only safe option. What are the most important considerations? We can tell you!

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When can my infant start riding in a bicycle trailer?

Like many other trailer manufacturers, Croozer also offers a special Baby Seat as an accessory for transporting babies as young as approx. a few months of age (as soon as they can lift and hold their head independently) in the trailer. However, there are no generally binding rules on how old your child should be. As a parent, you know your baby best and should listen to your own instincts – if your infant prefers to be held by you in their first months of life, then that’s totally fine. There will be plenty of time in the future for exploring the world from the relaxed comfort of the bicycle trailer.

If your child is already a bit older and able to sit upright unassisted, then the Seat Support is a helpful accessory to have. It helps keep your child’s head and torso in a natural sitting position, offers comfortable padding and prevents them from slipping down in the seat.

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Baby in the Croozer two-seater bike trailer

Is it safe to transport an infant in a bicycle trailer?

When purchasing a child trailer, it is important to choose a product from a manufacturer that places great importance on safety. A long warranty period and routine testing that goes over and beyond the legal standards and requirements are good indicators of the manufacturer’s safety commitment.
Most bicycle trailers provide a protective cocoon for young passengers in traffic. Trailers, unlike child bike seats, have a safe and roomy passenger compartment with a full internal roll cage that completely surrounds your child, providing unrivalled protection from all sides. The design of the baby seat also contributes significantly to safety.

Croozer’s Baby Seat has 5 features that offer particularly effective protection:

  • The semi-upright position makes it possible for the harness system to hold your infant securely in the seat and prevent it from slipping down.
  • The baby’s spine, head and neck are all protected: Height-adjustable head pads offer even more stability.
  • The Baby Seat is secured to the trailer frame at eight attachment sites. This system is not only stable, but also absorbs shocks and vibrations!
  • The high sides of the Baby Seat offer additional stability for your child.
  • A 5-point harness system holds the young passenger securely in the safest position in the seat. The straps are padded for extra comfort and can be opened with a simple click. The user-friendly Easy-Pull system lets you quickly and easily adjust the harness to the child.

You may also be wondering whether children in bicycle trailers are required to wear helmets. We’ve devoted an entire blog post to this topic. Check it out!

A Croozer bicycle trailer has even more advantages in terms of safety: Thanks to its wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity, it’s extremely stable and resistant to tipping. Even if your bicycle were to fall over, both wheels of the trailer would remain securely on the ground, thanks to the rotating hitch connector. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries!

Safety first for the tiniest tots.

Safety in the bicycle trailer
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Are the baby seats ergonomic?

We highly recommend reading the blog post we wrote on this important topic.

3-in-1: More than an bicycle trailer

In summary, only the bicycle trailer provides a comfortable – and above all safe – solution for taking your baby on a bike tour with you. However, there’s another great side effect: With the additional stroller or jogger wheel, you can convert the bicycle trailer to a stroller or jogger in no time at all. This means that you may not even have to buy a pushchair or pram!

As you can see, it’s no problem at all to take your infant with you on family outings in a bicycle trailer, and you’ll never have to worry about the safety or comfort of your child. You can explore the world together with total peace of mind! And this applies not only to bike rides, but also to walking and jogging. Of course, every child is different, which is why you should always trust your parental instincts before placing your baby in the Baby Seat for the first time.

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