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Croozer: About us

Welcome to Croozer in Hürth!

We are a medium-sized, family-owned company with around 50 employees. Our offices are located in a super-modern building in an easily accessible neighbourhood of Hürth-Kalscheuren. Employees from all departments – sales, marketing, product development, personnel, IT, purchasing, accounting and business-development – work under one roof.


Everyone is welcome

Whether you’re 17 or 60, you’re always welcome at Croozer! Croozer offers the necessary conditions for supporting mothers and fathers who want to re-enter the workplace after a longer period of parental leave. In addition to company pension schemes and support for child-care fees, we make it possible for you to commute to work without a car by providing a pass for public transport, a company bicycle and a free bicycle trailer from Croozer.

As a family-run company, it is especially important to us to guarantee fair and gender-free pay structures (equal pay for equal work). Moreover, gender, age and ethnic origin have no effect whatsoever on your career chances at Croozer.

The same applies to dog lovers: with 7 dogs at the office, there is always a lot of action during lunch breaks. We would be delighted to welcome more four-legged colleagues. In any case, Lucy, Hilde, Isi, Marie, Buddy, Wica and Eska are looking forward to meeting you – with or without an animal companion.

At Croozer everyone can be who they are and how they feel. We treat each other with appreciation and respect so that everyone can feel like part of the Croozer family from day one. Honesty and openness are key ingredients for good working relationships, but just as important is a generous sprinkling of fun on the job.


Our Philosophy

Openness, appreciation and personal responsibility – these three values are the cornerstone of our working relationships, actions and cooperation with colleagues and external partners. On the basis of these values, the entire Croozer team has created a mission statement that hangs in the offices for everyone to see and brings our company values to life – as a result everyone has a good sense of what Croozer is all about!


Everyday Life at Croozer

With a well-structured induction programme and “guest weeks” in other departments, you will quickly get to know your colleagues and all important workflows. Employees are also welcome to participate in advanced training programmes, and the associated costs are covered by the company.

The managing director, founder Andreas Gehlen, ensure that all teams are working towards a common vision. Periodically, each team comes together to develop their own missions and identify the associated objectives and measures that are needed to work towards the delivery of the Croozer vision. When it comes to strategic work, personal initiative is not only valued but also expected. A hands-on mentality is the basis on which we demonstrate our commitment and willingness to help at all times. As a result, our work is characterised by a “we’re in this together” culture, giving us the feeling that we’re never alone.

To strengthen team spirit within the company, we offer enjoyable events far removed from the daily work routine: for example, annual company outings, the Christmas party and our yearly visit to a local Christmas market give employees the chance to get to know each other better outside the office.


How to reach us

Our office is located in Hürth-Kalscheuren on the outskirts of Cologne. The Kalscheuren railway station is within walking distance and well connected to regional rail services. Line 18 of Cologne’s light rail system has a stop at Hürth-Hermülheim that can be reached on foot in just over 10 minutes. If you are unable to find the right rail connection, there are also ample parking spaces available.

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