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Croozer bike trailer for one or two kids

Child trailers: What’s better, a one- or two-seater?

One-seater or two-seater – which child trailer should I buy? Is it OK for a child to ride alone in a two-seater? How much cargo can a one-seater carry? These are some of the questions frequently asked by parents pondering the purchase of a Croozer Kid. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing insights and providing a few helpful hints!

Our Croozer Kid Vaaya and Keeke models are both available in one-seater and two-seater versions. For most families with two (or more) children, a bicycle trailer with two seats is the obvious choice. However, single-child families have a big decision to make. This decision will mostly depend on individual circumstances, everyday routines and family planning – nevertheless, there are a few considerations that can help parents weigh the pros and cons of each version.

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that, in terms of functionality, there are no differences between our one- and two-seaters! Both are quick and easy to hitch, thanks to our Click & Crooz® technology. Both can also be used as a stroller or jogger. Both are compatible with our awesome accessories. And both have a spacious rear cargo compartment for carrying all the things that active families need for their daily routines.

Croozer child trailer for one kid

Manoeuvring through tight spots with the one-seater

One-seaters and two-seaters differ in exactly three aspects: their track width, their weight and their cargo area.

The Croozer one-seater boasts a particularly narrow track width of 72 cm (28 in.), which means it can fit through any door or gate and is easy to manoeuvre through tight spots, like the notoriously problematic “maze gates” at rail crossings and the narrow aisles and check-out queues of supermarkets. One-seaters are also especially well-suited for tram, train or bus rides.

In addition, our one-seater Kid versions weigh a mere 15.9 kg (35 lb), which is almost 2 kg (4 lb) less than the two-seater versions. This also means that they are easier to pull as a trailer, push as a stroller or jogger – and carry down to the cellar for storage.

The narrower track width also has an effect on the volume of the cargo area: It can only hold 42 litres, which is almost 10 L less than the two-seater. However, there is still plenty of space for changing bags, toys and any groceries you decide to pick up on your way home from nursery school!

And for families that are still growing: It’s no problem at all to transition later from a one-seater to a two-seater because, thanks to their high quality and impressive durability, our bicycle trailers are easy to sell. Furthermore, when you buy a new two-seater a few years down the road, you can upgrade to the latest model – by then, there will most likely be a few technical updates and improvements!

The one-seater is perfect for you if…

  • …you have one child between 0 and 3,5 years of age and are not planning any more children
  • …you plan to use the Croozer a lot in the city or often have to manoeuvre through tight spots/bike paths
  • …you often take the tram, train or bus
  • …you will have to carry the child trailer often, e.g. when storing it in the cellar or transporting it with your car

Would you like to learn more about our Kid models?

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Croozer child trailer for two kids

Managing a sustainable daily routine with two little rascals

Which brings us to the two-seater: It’s the perfect choice for managing a car-free life with two little rascals, be it twins or other siblings – or if your child likes to bring their best buddy home for play-dates after nursery school. After all, it can be loads of fun to explore the world together!

Is it OK for a child to ride alone in a two-seater? It is absolutely fine for a child to ride alone in a two-seater. There are no disadvantages in terms of safety or comfort! Nevertheless, we’ve added a few pieces of advice on that topic in our FAQs, e.g. regarding the seat position. In other words, even if you are a single-child family, it can be a good idea to (already) invest in a two-seater, for example, if you are expecting or planning more children or if you simply like the idea of having more space for transporting friends and cargo.

The two-seater is perfect for you if…

  • …you plan to use the trailer for carrying two children, aged 0 to 6 years – regardless of whether they are twins, siblings or best buddies
  • …you currently only have one child but are planning a second
  • …only one child will be riding in the passenger compartment, but you would still appreciate the extra space for cargo

Both our one-seaters and two-seaters have their advantages – it’s up to you to decide which model fits best to you and your lifestyle.

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