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Ergonomics in the Croozer baby seat

Is the Croozer Baby Seat ergonomic?

Whether it’s a baby sling, a child seat or a baby seat for a child trailer: Many parents are uncertain as to when it is safe to take their newborn child with them and whether the respective carrier is healthy and ergonomic. In this post, we share our perspective on this subject!

Croozer Baby Seat

When is my child robust enough to ride in a child trailer?

In principle, you can transport your child in the Croozer Baby Seat from the age of approx. four weeks. There are no generally binding rules on how many days or weeks old your child has to be. As a parent, you know your baby best and should therefore listen to your own instincts. If your infant prefers to be carried against your body in their first weeks of life, or if you just feel better about doing so, then you should definitely listen to your parental intuition. At the age of three months, many babies are so “robust” that, by this time, their parents feel comfortable with them riding in a child trailer or other type of carrier, like a Maxi Cosi. Even if you start later, there will still be plenty of time for exploring your surroundings together in the Croozer bike trailer.

That said, there’s also no good reason why you shouldn’t begin using the Croozer in your baby’s first weeks of life as long as they feel comfortable in the Baby Seat and you also have a good feeling about it. The trailer can be a real blessing for many parents because babies tend to feel calm and relaxed in the comfortable “hammock” and fall asleep.

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Ergonomics in the Croozer Baby Seat

Is the reclining position ergonomically healthy?

From a physiological point of view, the spine of an infant in its first months of life has a slightly convex curve. This is also why, in the Croozer Baby Seat, your baby does not lie completely flat on its back but instead is held in a slightly curled position. This reclining position is ergonomically appropriate and perfectly suited to the needs of the baby and their spine.
In addition, the Croozer Baby Seat does not have a hard base, but instead can be best described as a freely hanging fabric hammock. With its soft, body-hugging form, high side walls and slightly curving surface, the Croozer Baby Seat is very cosy for the infant and gives them a sense of safety and security.
Minor vibrations and bumps are gently absorbed, giving the child a calming ride. Whether you are pushing the Croozer as a stroller or pulling it as a bicycle trailer – stronger vibrations can actually have an even greater calming effect for the infant. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to ride carefully, especially around tight curves and over uneven surfaces like kerbs.

In spite of the seat’s excellent ergonomics, you should still take frequent breaks when you’re on longer trips so that your child doesn’t spend too much time in the same position. After letting them rest for a while and stretch their joints, you can continue your walk or ride.

After evaluating the Croozer Baby Seat, physiotherapist Susanne Galonska came to a reassuring conclusion: “We are born to be carried and expect to be held securely in a curved position on our parents’ bodies. Any other carrier in which the infant spends time should mimic this optimal position as closely as possible.”

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