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Helmets in the Croozer kids trailer

Are children required to wear a helmet in the Croozer?

The above question is sent to us on a regular basis. After all, nothing is more important to parents than the safety of their little ones. In this blog post, we will answer this question and explain how we’ve designed the Croozer bike trailer for kids to provide optimal safety!

Germany has no mandatory helmet law, meaning that children here are not required to wear a helmet in the Croozer – neither as a bike trailer, nor as a jogger. Nevertheless, we recommend helping children get used to wearing a bicycle helmet as early as possible. There are even special “passenger helmets” with flat backs for use with bike seats and trailers (e.g. the Abus model “Rookie”). But this is only relevant for “older children”. It is not possible for infants in the Croozer Baby Seat to wear a helmet: It would be too difficult for them to rest their head safely and comfortably against the flat surface of the Baby Seat. Therefore, children should not start wearing a bicycle helmet in the Croozer until they are old enough to sit upright unassisted.

If you are planning to use the Croozer outside of Germany, be sure to read up on the laws that apply in the state or country that you live in or will be visiting: If there is a mandatory helmet law, then your child – and of course you as the cyclist – will have to wear a helmet at all times.



Unbeatable protection from all sides

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Wearing a helmet is always a wise choice. However, in the development and design of our bicycle trailers, we also prioritise the optimal safety of our young passengers.

The Croozer Kid has a safe and roomy passenger compartment with a full internal roll cage that completely surrounds your child. Thanks to its wide wheelbase and low centre of gravity, it’s extremely stable and resistant to tipping, e.g. when travelling on uneven paths or if one wheel hits a bump or pothole at relatively high speeds. And if you happen to take a spill on the towing bike, the Croozer would stay upright, thanks to the swivelling hitch. Furthermore, the trailer was designed to ensure that, in extreme situations, the passenger’s entire body always remains safely inside the frame. Harness systems hold your child securely in place, even in the unlikely event that the trailer would tip or roll over. And last but not least, the handlebar provides additional rollover protection. All of these factors significantly reduce the risk of injuries.

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