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Fitness tip Waist Shaper on the Croozer kids trailer

Waist Shaper

Our partner LAUFMAMALAUF presents and explains the fitness exercise: “Waist Shaper” with your Croozer!

The exercise “Waist Shaper” is ideal for a strong core. Here’s everything you need to know, in a nutshell:

Who? For mother and baby
Where? Indoors or outdoors
How often? Depending on your fitness level: start with 10-15 repetitions per side, followed by a short break; then do another 10-15 reps
General information: Secure the wheels of your Croozer using the parking brake
Info for the mother: Concentrate on keeping your stomach and pelvic-floor muscles tightened during the exercise; keep your breathing even and calm

Fitness exercise on the Croozer kids trailer

The exercise

Starting position:

  • Stand behind the Croozer, facing sideways
  • Move your left foot outwards until the tip is touching the ground
  • Your right hand is resting on the handlebar
  • Stretch your left arm upwards
  • Keep your stomach and pelvic-floor muscles tight

The movement:

  • Bring your left knee and left elbow powerfully together
  • While doing so, your hip bone should be pulled up towards the lower edge of your rib cage
  • Do several repetitions; then repeat with your right arm and leg.

An important reminder:

  • The knee of your support leg should be slightly bent
  • Keep your balance
  • Your movement should be controlled and powerful without wobbling

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