Good to know: everything you need to know about your bicycle trailer

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A new body for your Croozer

If you’ve been using your Croozer for a long time, the fabric body has probably started to show signs of wear, like small tears. Here, you can learn about possible solutions!

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Does your Croozer’s fabric body have a small tear or hole? If you’re good at sewing, you can easily take care of it yourself: Simply order a repair pad in the colour of your trailer from your local Croozer dealer. The pad should ideally be attached using a permanently elastic adhesive (e.g. from the company Pattex).

If the tear is large or near a seam, then we recommend contacting a local Croozer dealer for advice – just to be on the safe side! Often, the corresponding parts have to be replaced for safety reasons. Of course, you can also contact a dealer if you’re not very experienced with sewing.

What year was my Croozer manufactured?

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More tips: How to maintain the fabric body

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How should I clean the fabric?

You can clean the fabric body with water, a soap solution or a mild household detergent. Ideally, use biodegradable cleaning agents to minimise environmental impact. A soft brush can be used for cleaning heavy soiling. Never use thinners, solvents, mineral spirits or other aggressive chemicals, as these could damage the materials.

Never use pressure washers. The strong water pressure could damage the fabric and/or plastic windows.

After cleaning your Croozer, you should give it plenty of time to dry. Once it has completely dried, it’s ready for use again!

Can I wash the body?

Theoretically, it’s possible to wash the fabric body of your bicycle trailer. However, it should never be machine washed – even on your machine’s gentle cycle. Cloudy patches could form in the plastic windows, and the fabric could shrink, meaning it would no longer fit to the frame. Therefore, the fabric body should only be washed by hand using a mild soap solution.

Ideally, have your Croozer dealer help you remove and reattach the body. Attaching the fabric body is a fairly complicated procedure – and because the body is part of the Croozer’s safe passenger compartment, it’s extremely important that everything is properly mounted.

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