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Croozer bike trailer body

A new body for your Croozer

If you’ve been using your Croozer for a long time, the fabric body has probably started to show signs of wear. Have you found a small tear, or is your Croozer starting to look its age? Here, you can learn about possible solutions!

Body replacement Croozer Cargo bike trailer

Does your Croozer’s fabric body have a small tear or hole? If you’re good at sewing, you can easily take care of it yourself: Simply order a repair pad in the colour of your trailer from your local Croozer dealer. The pad should ideally be attached using a permanently elastic adhesive (e.g. from the company Pattex).

If the tear is large or near a seam, then we recommend contacting a local Croozer dealer for advice – just to be on the safe side! Often, the corresponding parts have to be replaced for safety reasons. Of course, you can also contact a dealer if you’re not very experienced with sewing.

Is your Croozer getting older? Does the fabric body have a few tears, or is it simply not as attractive as it used to be? Then you can easily have the body replaced. This procedure can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, which is why we recommend having it done by a Croozer dealer. Be sure to give the dealer the correct model year so that they can order the appropriate parts.

What year was my Croozer manufactured?

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More tips: How to maintain the fabric body

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