Good to know: everything you need to know about your bike trailer

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One click and you're off!

This probably won’t be the first time you’ve heard us mention that our Croozer bicycle trailers are equipped with Click & Crooz® technology. But what does that mean exactly, and how is it useful for you? In this blog post, we’ll be giving you an introductory course !

Wheels of the Croozer bike trailer

Regardless of whether you want to quickly switch the Croozer from one bicycle to the next or convert the trailer to a jogger – our Click & Crooz® system lets you make these changes lickety-split without tools. This system is used for many different connections:

  • With the press of a button, the hitch arm can be connected to the hitch on the rear wheel of your bicycle: no tools required. Then quickly snap the safety strap into place, lock the hitch connector, and your ready to roll! The other end of the hitch arm is attached to the bicycle trailer itself with a magnetic safety pin – which also engages with an audible “click”. With the same simple steps, you can quickly and easily unhitch the trailer from your bicycle.
  • The Click & Crooz® system is not only part of our hitch arm: It is also used for mounting and removing the stroller wheel and jogger-kit components, which can be done with the push of a button and requires no tools.
  • The third place where you can find our Click & Crooz® system is on the side wheels, which can also be quickly and easily attached and removed with the press of a button, e.g. when you’re folding or unfolding the Croozer for storage or transport.

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