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climatex seats in the Croozer Kid Vaaya

We want to become even greener!

“Sustainability” is the buzzword of our time – be it in private spheres, in politics or at the economic level. With our bicycle trailers, we make it possible for families to lead climate-friendly, car-free lives. However, we want to do even more, which is why we have also made it our mission to run our business as sustainably as possible!

Sustainability at Croozer

We take responsibility for the economic, environmental and social aspects of our business activities:

  • Through our products and ideas, we are making a lasting contribution to the global transition towards sustainable mobility.
  • We are committed to conserving all resources, embracing the motto: reduce, repair, recycle.
  • We live and breathe our company values of openness, appreciation and personal responsibility along the entire supply chain.
  • This is our sustainability vision, which is now an official part of our company values and is prominently displayed at our headquarters on the value boards as a daily reminder of what we stand for.

But how exactly does one become a sustainably run business? This is no simple feat, as it involves so many small building blocks related to production, materials, logistics, social sustainability and so much more – and it takes time, because it’s impossible to become sustainable overnight. It would also help if the political framework for sustainable business management would be adapted, e.g. through special tax relief.


We get advice and support

Sustainability is a large-scale and long-term project: We noticed that quite early on. This is why we have sought active support from a leading German company in the area of sustainability – the VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Business.

In the context of intensive workshops, we worked with VAUDE’s experts to develop a sustainability strategy perfectly tailored to Croozer. The valuable input and trust-based, transparent atmosphere were beneficial to us and further strengthened our commitment to our endeavours – while also reassuring us that no company is perfect! The process of “becoming sustainable” takes place in small stages and doesn’t start immediately with the big issue: production. The first important step to a sustainable future is developing an awareness for sustainable business practices and committing to their implementation!

Small steps are important and helpful, which is why we have decided on 15 concrete targets that we would like to achieve in the upcoming months. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) served as a good basis for the development of these targets. This is what we have in the pipeline at the moment:

  • We are currently having a balance sheet drawn up for our headquarters in Hürth in order to find out where we stand and take the next necessary steps towards reducing emissions.
  • We are also hard at work on our first sustainability report, which will describe the current situation as a basis for identifying further concrete targets for the future.

Working towards a sustainable future together.

Learn more about our sustainability strategy.

We have already taken many small steps

Through our workshop with VAUDE, we also noticed that we are already sustainable in many respects. This realisation strengthened our determination and made us very happy, because it is easy to forget such small things when working on major areas like production or materials – but they are just as important! We are particularly proud of the durability of our products. We are always delighted to see our older Croozer models on the street. And we are proud to have the sustainable, recyclable material climatex® in our product range, not only in the seat covers of the Kid Vaaya, but also in our Baby Seat. With this durability and choice of sustainable materials, we are making an active contribution to combating the waste problem in the textile industry.

We are moving with great enthusiasm down the path to sustainability, both for and with you. And we will continue to use our communication channels to keep you posted on our current projects!

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