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Celebrating bitrhdays at Croozer

Celebrating birthdays with the whole planet

With a team of roughly 50 employees, we celebrate birthdays quite often. We are always delighted to see the kitchen fill up with wonderful desserts and other tasty treats. In the past, we also made sure every employee received a birthday card or bouquet of flowers – however, since the beginning of this year, things have been different: we’ve decided to also do something good for our planet!

Tree certificate for Croozer

Birthdays should be celebrated. This is no different at Croozer! And the birthday boy or girl usually brings something delicious to eat so that everyone can join in the celebration.
Several years ago, we decided – for environmental reasons – to start giving our employees a small bar of chocolate instead of a card with a bouquet of flowers. Now, we’ve gone a step further: In the spirit of social sustainability, it’s important to us that society and the planet can also take part in our employees’ birthday celebrations.

This is why we began looking for an organisation that we could work with for the next several years. We chose the organisation Plant for the Planet because it addresses two issues that are very important to us: the environment and young people. By planting trees, we are making an active contribution to climate protection. And the organisation’s work goes beyond tree-planting: Interested children and adolescents are also trained as ambassadors and supported in their amazing work. We are extremely proud to support projects like these, because the well-being of the planet and future generations is very close to our heart!

Towards a sustainabile future together

Our sustainability strategy

Every piece of the puzzle makes a difference

Every time one of our employees has a birthday, we donate €15. As a result, we were able to donate €750 to Plant for the Planet this year, which translates into exactly 750 donated trees! We were proud to receive our tree certificate and place another puzzle piece in our sustainability vision.

We are also delighted about small internal projects that promote sustainability, as every step makes a difference. We will continue to look for other organisations with whom we can address this issue!

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