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In the times of climate change, increasing global awareness and the e-bike boom, we are committed to helping shape the future of “urban micro-mobility”. We offer solutions for the transport of babies, young children, dogs and cargo.

On the move for 25 years

In March 1993 Andreas Gehlen opened the bicycle trailer shop “Zwei plus zwei” in a courtyard garage in Cologne, Germany. As the young father of a three-year-old daughter, he had developed a fascination for bicycle trailers. With his “Zwei plus zwei” mail-order catalogue, Andreas wanted to bring the world of bike trailers closer to interested cyclists in Germany. “If someone had told me that, within 25 years, my small one-man operation would grow into a family-run business with 40 employees, we would evolve from the retailer and wholesaler “Zwei plus zwei” to the manufacturer “Croozer GmbH” and my daughter would be working in the company with me, I would have never believed them”, he says today.

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