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Our Sustainability Team Introduces Itself

Croozer’s sustainability manager Jonas is working hard to drive forward the company’s sustainability agenda, but he’s not flying solo: He enjoys strong support from throughout the company. In this blog post, our sustainability team will be introducing itself and sharing their own sustainability hacks!

Sustainability is an important company value at Croozer. We make an active contribution to climate protection through our bicycle trailers alone, but there’s so much more we want to do – for example, taking full responsibility for the impacts of our business activities. This is why we worked intensively with the VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Business to develop a sustainability strategy on the basis of the 17 SDGs and have already taken the first bold steps towards its implementation.

Over the course of this development work, we began to realise that the process of achieving economic, environmental and social sustainability would involve numerous small building blocks and that we would need a competent person who could keep track of these components and manage everything. Our Sustainability Manager Jonas was brought on board for this very purpose. And he has hit the ground running! For example, in his first months of work, he helped organise the planting of our own company forest in the Königsforst, an achievement that we are very proud of.

But of course, Jonas is not shouldering the huge responsibility alone: He enjoys support from the individual Croozer teams, such as marketing, human resources, logistics and development. After all, this is the only way to approach the issue of sustainability in a holistic manner.

The individual members of the sustainability team are listed here – along with several clever sustainability hacks that you can use in your everyday routines. This is how all of us can make a contribution to a sustainable society!

Join us on our journey

Over the next several months, our sustainability team will be sharing regular updates through our various channels in order to take you with us on our journey and explain a few things along the way. So stay tuned!

Do you also have a practical sustainability hack you’d like to share? Contact us on Facebook or Instagram. We’d be happy to share your input with our community.

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