Good to know: Everything you need to know about your bicycle trailer

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Cycling with a trailer – everything you need to know

More and more people are taking advantage of the flexibility and practicality of child, dog and cargo trailers for managing their action-packed family routines by bike. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about cycling with a trailer so that you can ride with the utmost safety and peace of mind.

Croozer child trailer for two kids

Who can pull a bicycle trailer? And what type of bicycle is suitable?

In Germany, you have to be at least 16 years old to pull a child trailer. However, there are no such age restrictions for dog and cargo trailers. If you’re planning to use a bicycle trailer in a different country, be sure to familiarise yourself with its laws concerning trailers.
In order to pull a trailer safely and ensure safe braking, it is important that the load does not exceed the capacity of the respective trailer and that the towing bicycle is suitable and approved for pulling a trailer.

In general, Croozer bicycle trailers can be pulled using any bicycle with a 26” to 29” (559 to 635 mm) rear wheel. Nevertheless, we recommend checking the user manual of the bicycle or asking the respective manufacturer or retailer whether the bicycle is suitable and approved for pulling a bicycle trailer. The same applies to registration-free e-bikes and EPACs (electronically power assisted cycles) with pedal assistance up to 25 km/h (15 mph), if the manufacturer has approved it for this purpose.
Also keep in mind that, in some countries (e.g. Germany), it is not allowed to pull a child trailer using more powerful EPACs (S-Pedelecs) and throttle-operated e-bikes that can travel at speeds above 25 km/h (15 mph). By the same token, no other type of motorised vehicle, like a moped or scooter, can be used for towing a trailer.

Croozer child trailers for one or two kids

Where and how fast am I allowed to pull a trailer?

You can pull a Croozer trailer over paved and unpaved surfaces (gravel paths, nature trails etc.), but not off road. An important reminder: Cyclists should always use the available bike paths and lanes, even when pulling a trailer. If no bike path or lane is available, you have to ride on the street. You are only allowed to ride on the pavement (sidewalk) if it is explicitly permitted, i.e. if there is a sign saying that the pavement can be used by cyclists. Be especially careful when riding on narrow bike paths or lanes, as well as on paths and trails with two-way traffic – because the trailer is usually wider than the handlebars of the towing bicycle. In addition, most trailers will not be centred behind the towing bicycle. Reduce your speed in places where navigation is especially challenging; and if you are ever in doubt about whether the trailer will be able to fit through an opening, dismount and push the bike and trailer through.

When pulling a bicycle trailer, never ride faster than its maximum allowable speed of 25 km/h (15 mph). You should always reduce your speed to a walking pace when turning. Keep in mind that riding speed is often underestimated, especially on bikes with electric assist, which require less muscle power. You should also avoid riding too fast, because your braking distance will be increased when pulling a bicycle trailer.


How many children, how many dogs or how much cargo can I transport?

The following applies to all Croozer trailers: Bicycle trailers without brakes are not allowed to carry more than 60 kg/132 lbs (weight of the bicycle trailer + load). The following load limits are based on this requirement:

  • Kid: Croozer’s child trailers can carry children from 4 weeks to 6 years of age, or up to a height of 117 cm/46 inches (one child in one-seaters or two in two-seaters). The maximum load (children + cargo) is 35 kg (77 lbs) for one-seaters and 45 kg (99 lbs)for two-seaters.
  • Dog: The Dog Enna can carry dogs of up to 35 kg (77 lbs) in weight, and the Dog Mikke and Tammo, dogs of up to 45 kg (99 lbs). Dog trailers can also carry multiple dogs as long as they all have enough space and the maximum load capacity is not exceeded (the total weight of all dogs does not exceed 35 or 45 kg respectively). This is the only way to ensure safety and comfort when using the Dog trailer.
  • Cargo: In the Cargo, you can transport loads of up to 45 kg (99 lbs).

How do I prepare for my first ride with a trailer?

New users always need some time to familiarise themselves with the bicycle trailer, because their bike will handle differently, particularly when braking, turning/cornering, riding downhill and starting from a stop. This is why we recommend taking a few practice rides in an open area away from traffic before your first ride with child or canine passengers. You can find a short guide for your maiden voyage with a bicycle trailer in a separate blog post!

How can you stay safe when riding with your Croozer?

Everything you need to know about safety in the bicycle trailer!
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What are the most important considerations when riding with a bicycle trailer?

The following is an overview of important considerations:

Always ride with the safety flag mounted. It makes you more visible to other road-users, which is why its use is mandatory when riding in traffic.

  • If you plan to use your bicycle trailer at night, dusk or dawn – or when visibility is in any way reduced – it must be equipped with a fully functional lighting system. This is why our Croozer Dog und Kid bicycle trailers (not Croozer Cargo!) come with a battery-powered tail light.
  • For technical reasons, any bicycle trailer with a hitch arm that connects to the left side of the towing bicycle’s rear axle is at greater risk of tipping over when turning left. This risk is even greater when the curve radius is too small, if the speed is too high or, in particular with the Croozer Dog, if there is a sudden shift in the positioning of the load/passenger. This is why you should always reduce your speed to a walking pace when making tight turns and, in general, keep your turning radius as large as possible. On extremely tight turns, you should get off and push your bike.
  • Keep in mind that braking distance is increased when pulling a bicycle trailer.
  • Reduce your speed when riding on paths or streets with bumps or uneven surfaces. Although our special Croozer AirPad® Suspension will effectively iron out bumpy surfaces, you should nevertheless use extra caution.
  • When turning or manoeuvring left, never allow the angle between the rear wheel of the towing bicycle and the hitch arm of the trailer to be extended more than 90°. When turning right, be careful not to let the rear wheel of the towing bicycle come in contact with the hitch arm. When pushing the towing bicycle backwards, keep in mind that the angle between the rear wheel of the towing bicycle and the hitch arm of the trailer should never be greater than 90°. When manoeuvring backwards, it is advisable to lift up the rear wheel of the towing bicycle or, ideally, the whole bicycle.
  • If you are planning a cycling trip with the trailer in another country, be sure to familiarise yourself in advance with the legal requirements that apply in the regions or countries you intend to visit. Some countries do not permit the use of bicycle trailers, and others impose certain restrictions for their use. The equipment legally required for bicycle trailers can also vary from country to country, and sometimes even from state to state.

In the section “Safety in the Bicycle Trailer”, you can find a checklist of the things you should check before each ride.

If you are looking for more information on riding with child or dog trailers, then have a look at our blog – there, you can find answers to all kinds of questions, along with information on a wide variety of subjects!

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