10-year warranty on the frame

Tested Plus

Tested for Safety

The Croozer Kid and Croozer Kid Plus are regularly tested and inspected, not only in our own facilities, but also by independent institutes, newspapers/magazines and testing laboratories, as well as by hundreds of thousands of families around the world in their daily routines. To ensure compliance with these standards, the Croozer Kid and Croozer Kid Plus are subject to numerous tests, such as extensive stress testing on the frame, hitch arm and other parts. Furthermore, the functionality of all systems, including the harness, parking brake and folding mechanism, is thoroughly tested.

Materials tested for harmful substances

All materials are tested for harmful substances to achieve standards over and above the legal requirements. Our child trailers have been undergoing annual testing since 2011. We guarantee that your Croozer is a completely safe product that satisfies all current testing criteria. All materials used for the Croozer, Baby Seat and Baby Supporter are tested for harmful substances.

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