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Spend a day with Katharina

What is it that we do at Croozer? What does a “typical” workday look like? Our colleague Katharina, who joined the marketing team in early 2021, lets you see what a day in her life at Croozer looks like!

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My Monday starts at 8 a.m. sharp: I hop on my bicycle and ride to the Croozer office – with a commute of only about 15 minutes, I’m there in a flash! Also, a little morning exercise always feels good and clears my head. After I arrive, I greet my colleagues and go get myself a delicious cup of coffee.
Then I switch on my computer, check Microsoft Teams and my email inbox for important messages and take care of stuff: Have I received any enquiries from influencers/cooperation partners or journalists? Does anyone need texts/content? Does anyone need feedback from us?

Our loyal customers are very important to us, which is why I reserve some time every morning for community management on our social media channels. And it’s always nice to see how much people are enjoying using our Croozer models!

My morning schedule includes two meetings: At our internal marketing update, we discuss current topics, look at what needs to be taken care of during the week and decide who will be taking responsibility for which tasks. Then I head straight to our weekly website meeting. Our website is our shop window to the world and is supposed to answer all of your questions, which is why we will never stop working on it!

At noon, the entire Croozer team meets for a virtual coffee break. This is where important information is passed on, the managing directors report openly about their work, or a team presents an exciting project – which is how we make sure everyone is always on the same page. Right afterwards, we start our lunch break with 5 minutes of physical activity. In recent months, we had to do this virtually, but now we are luckily able to once again meet at our office tree, “Tom Crooz”, and stretch ourselves back into shape after the hours of sitting – or standing – at our desks.

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Meet the team and our four-legged friends!

It’s never boring here

Finally lunch! Our great, modern kitchen offers us the option of making our own food. Right across from it is Twinz Livecooking, where you can check out the daily specials. After lunch, I usually go for a walk with Teresa and her dogs, Lucy and Hilde, or we play a round of Kubb while the dogs play on the lawn.

At 1:30, it’s back to work! The Monday meetings are finished, so I can now get started on my main job: producing content for our channels. This ranges from blog posts and website texts to posts and short videos for social media and press releases or content for our cooperation partners. I can’t always write in peace – my sales colleague Denis comes to my desk: A dealer needs input for his marketing work . My colleagues from R&D also like to stop by and ask for my opinion – e.g. on new products, colour designs or name suggestions. At Croozer no one goes it alone. We’re all part of a large team and value each other’s opinions - because these opinions can give us new, insightful perspectives on our own work.

My workday usually comes to an end around 5:15 p.m. I check quickly whether it’s my turn to clean the kitchen , and otherwise I say goodbye and ride home. There’s one thing I can say: Life at Croozer is definitely never boring!

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