3-year warranty on your bike trailer

In addition to the statutory warranty under the contract of sale, Croozer GmbH, Cologne, extends to its customers the following manufacturer’s warranty for all its bicycle trailers manufactured in 2018 or later which are sold under the Croozer trademark, subject to the conditions set forth below.

The manufacturer’s warranty applies to the entire bicycle trailer, with its frame, its fabric body encasing the frame (if applicable) and all other components attached to the bicycle trailer, for example covers, seats, hitch arms, wheels and handlebars, in so far as the trailer is equipped with such components. The warranty period is 3 years from the date of purchase of the respective bicycle trailer by the original purchaser.

Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt with the date of purchase, as well as the Croozer itself. Excluded from the warranty are damages caused by accidents or vandalism, as well as damages to the tyres or inner tubes involving cuts and tears from the outside caused by sharp objects.

Croozer GmbH will, at its election, pursuant to its obligations under this warranty, repair the bicycle trailer or defective parts, replace these parts or the entire trailer, refund the purchase price or provide the customer with a new trailer.

For the purposes of this manufacturer’s warranty, “customer” means the natural person who first purchased the bicycle trailer. Persons who purchased the bicycle trailer in order to resell it or use it in the context of any commercial or self-employed professional activity are not considered the customer in the sense of this warranty.

In addition to the rights set out in this manufacturer’s warranty, the customer also has statutory rights, in particular warranty rights. These statutory rights, which in some cases may be more favourable to the customer, are not affected by this warranty. This warranty does not affect the rights of the customer against the seller from whom the product was purchased.